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12 Helpful Quotes Focused on Inside Sales Inspiration

Mon, 2016-12-12 06:55

A little inside sales inspiration can help you get motivated (i.e., a kick in the butt) sometimes. Here’s a list of twelve quotes from well-known business leaders, past and present, that will help arouse you to action and drive your productivity in inside sales.

  1. “Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking.’ But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.” — Roy Bartell

Listening allows salespeople to find out what their prospect needs. What they need to be answered, what they need a solution to, or what void your product fills. Focus on what your prospect is saying to pick up on clues that can ultimately help you win the client.

Check out what we said about listening in 5 Tips For Better Inside Sales Calls.

  1. “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar

Finding someone who will listen to what you have to say is step one. Showing them that they can trust you and that you’re worthy of their business is step two.

Learn more about the value of building value in Inside Sales Reps: Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal.

  1. “I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” — Estée Lauder

There must be a passion inside you for what you’re selling. Even if that passion is to make people’s lives easier with your solution, let that inside sales inspiration shine through in your selling tactics.

  1. “Ask that extra question. It’s that one little extra question that makes the difference.” — Steve Richard

Be inquisitive. If you’re curious about something else, ask. You never know: if you skip asking it, you may miss out on your golden ticket to the sale. If you launch into a sales pitch, you may miss something valuable that asking questions may have uncovered.

  1. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

Give it one more shot. Don’t call your lead back the next day and bother them, but set a reminder to reach out to them in a few months to see if they have the available budget or more of a need for your product.

If you need some additional inspiration, pick up a few tips about effective lead follow-up.

  1. “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Adapt. Prepare yourself to ebb and flow with each conversation and acclimate technologically. Change, after all, is inevitable.

If adapting to change is your thing, we recommend checking out our post, Become a Future-Proof Sales Professional.

  1. “I’m not afraid to take a swing and miss.” – Fred Smith

Be courageous and make the offer. The only thing they can say is no, and even a no can transform into a yes by the know-how of a skilled salesperson.

  1. “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” – Mark Hunter

How you speak to people matters. Your strategy, your tone of voice, follow-ups, etc., they all matter. You can have the perfect opportunity, a lead that’s sure to buy and ruin the deal if you don’t handle it correctly. Or, you can take a lead that has gone cold and sell them your product and every add-on you have to offer.

Check out 7 Easy Inside Sales Tips to Catapult Your Closing Ratio to learn ways to improve the close ratio on the opportunities you have.

  1. “There is little success where there is little laughter.” – Andrew Carnegie

Even if you’ve only been in sales for a short time, you know that a little humor goes a long way with most people. It shows your human and can help build a connection with the person on the other end of the phone.

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun? That’s why we posted Do you Recognize these “Characters” on Your Sales Team?

  1. “A smart salesperson listens to emotions, not facts.” ~Unknown

Yes, you want to learn the facts, but listen for the emotions too. You can hear the annoyance in a person’s voice when they speak. What annoys them about their day-to-day job duties? Is it something that the product you’re selling can alleviate?

  1. “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.” – W. Clement Stone

Stay positive even if your prospect has a negative attitude. You know what you’re offering is valuable, so stick to it. Once you reveal the benefits and they see the value in your product, they will likely come around.

  1. “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

Don’t let a bad call ruin your day. Simply move on to your next prospect and try to win that one over instead.

Where do you get your inside sales inspiration?

Influential words from prominent people never fail to inspire me. Hopefully, these quotes have amped you up and provided you with the inside sales inspiration to tackle your next sales call with gusto!


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Four-Step Guide to Helping Your Customers Walk Down the Inside Sales Buyers’ Path

Tue, 2016-11-29 09:47

The sales cycle is an extended process, to say the least. Leads may spend months considering whether they’ll make a purchase of your products and services thanks to fierce competition in the B2B space. Ultimately, it’s critical to nurture leads during this time so you can keep your company at the forefront of their considerations. The goal of lead nurturing is to help progress leads from initial interest toward purchase intent – it truly is about the journey, not the destination.

Lead nurturing must remain consistent and produce meaningful communication with viable prospects. It’s not about simply following up every month or so, true nurturing involves a long and circuitous path – but along the way, you’ll be build trust-filled relationships.

Setting up appointments and following through on deals is not a ‘one-fits-all box’ of completion. It’s extremely important to remember that not all prospects are created equal.

There are four essential steps to follow when wanting to help boost your success with nurturing leads and closing sales:

  1. Become the Expert

Build credibility. While it seems like an easy decision, the rep who is going to spend time and do actual research is going to have the advantage against their competition. Sure, this means it’s more time and engagement within the buyer’s journey. But the payoff is immeasurable.

  • Establish yourself as someone who creates valuable content that answers key questions/shares insight into the industry
  • Avoid shallow, keyword-packed pieces
  • Focus on the goal of becoming a thought leader to establish your company as the industry expert
  1. Focus on Progression (Content Mapping)

Invest time in forming creative content for lead progression as you do for lead capture. The idea is to help development leads from initial interest toward purchase. Consequently, you will need to create different lead nurturing tracks based on various criteria such as size, industry and role in the buying process.

The tactics employed and the frequency of touches will depend on how you choose to engage customers with your content marketing strategy.

  • Consider your buyer’s journey by offering content that fits their preferred point of contact patterns
    • For instance, nearly 91% of buyers use their smartphone through their purchasing journey – emphasizing the importance of mobilized content
    • Videos are another channel in which buyers are completely captivated. A stunning 70% say they watch videos, which result in staying power on your company’s website or social media platforms
  1. Guide Your Buyer

Sometimes the journey can be long and challenging. The only job is to make certain you’re nurturing your leads along the way and directing them toward the right and best decisions for their needs.

It’s encouraged to walk at the buyer’s pace – even if that means taking a detour or two. If you hurry them along, you might exhaust the process and turn them to rely on one of your competitors.

Thus, lead nurturing is about creating a personal relationship by providing targeted solutions for their unique situations.

  • Targeted communications should be relevant, stage in the buying process and previous communications
  • The most effective communications are the ones relevant to a question or problem presented by the customer
  • Listen to the buyer’s needs, explain how the product or services work and ultimately how you can resolve their problem in a quick and effective way
  1. Show Why You’re Top Dog

Buyers are looking at an average of 12 different suppliers before making their purchasing decision. You must stand above the pack buy piquing their interest to put you near the top of the market. Give potential buyers the competitor comparison they’re looking for upfront.

  • Determine what data fields are most relevant to the customer’s purchasing path
  • Gather all information you can in related fields
  • Make these crucial questions easy to find through your product and services as well as understand

While it may seem a bit tedious, we promise the journey will be fruitful when you implement an effective lead nurturing program. When you make a conscientious effort to formulate a well-defined strategy, you are displaying your expertise within the industry – practically guaranteeing a prosperous return from your efforts.

Lead nurturing truly wields successful results when your inside sales team’s is productive and efficient. The greatest way to accomplish this is through a queue-based lead management software. This sort of platform allows your agents to:

  • Track leads from prospect to sale – never lose a prospect
  • Automatically route and distribute leads based on unique needs
  • Capture data, qualifiers, demographics, and the entire history of the lead
  • Scale your success model as the company grows
  • And much more!

Contact VanillaSoft today to figure out which award-winning lead management software is right for your sales team.

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Inside Sales Reps: Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal

Thu, 2016-11-17 09:30

Who wants to buy from a pushy salesperson? Most people would rather purchase a product or service from someone who answers their questions and gives them space to think it over: a helpful, informative individual who tells you all their specials and deals, but doesn’t try to force you into a sale.

The classic hard-sell usually doesn’t work in today’s economy. On the contrary, it can lead to dissatisfaction on the buyer’s end, and drive away possible customers. Today’s decision makers have time to educate themselves before a purchase.

Your prospects don’t want to hear comments like, “If you don’t buy now, the offer is off the table.” This makes the customer put their guard up. Instead, keep the line of conversation open so both parties understand the decision-making process and what you, as an inside sales professional, can do to move the deal along. You want to be assertive, but not aggressive. Let’s take a look at a few positive ways to take the pressure off and still lead your prospects to the sale.

Actively Listen

People buy from people, not brands. Before you start your spiel of telling your prospect all about your product and how it will benefit them, take the time to listen. Allow your prospect to set the stage for your conversation.

People buy from people, not brands. #insidesales #salescalls
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Ask questions that will allow you to learn what is important to them about your product. Having a few questions like this prepared will guide you to what else you need to share. If they’re more budget-conscious or looking for post-purchase support, that will be useful information to find out early. This type of intelligence can give you more ideas on how to close the deal. You’re liable to learn some useful information from your prospective client if you simply listen.

Be an Educator

By the time you are on the phone with a prospect (unless it’s a cold call), the prospect has likely already researched your company and has a pretty good understanding of your product or service. You must be an expert on your product and know more about it than your buyer. Bonus points for being fully aware of your competitors and how your product(s) outweighs theirs.

Work on getting prospects subscribed to your email list so you can get something in front of their eyes on a regular basis. Your marketing team should have educational content you can share, too. Share eBooks, case studies, interviews, and offer to provide a free demo.

Solve a Problem

Being helpful adds a sense of connection with the person on the other end of the phone. If you took the time to listen in the beginning, you should already know what problems they’re facing. Creating a solution that involves your product is a win for both sides.

It’s easy to make the sale when you can prove the benefits of the purchase. How much time (i.e. how much money) will they save, how will their lives be easier, how will your product resolve their pain points? These are all questions you want to have answers to so you can present them to your prospective buyers.

Be Passionate

If you honestly believe in what you’re selling, potential clients will hear that in your voice and feel more confident making a purchase from you. Having a personal experience to share about the product as a solution is best, but having client testimonials in your back pocket will help too.

An innate passion for your product will make you the best salesperson you can be. Your passion will drive you to become the expert in your field and help you to attract potential customers.

Closing the Deal

Business is about relationship building. Treat your prospects as you would your friends and be genuine. This brings up another point on why you need to be helpful and not aggressively forceful – everyone’s connected with social media and the Internet. If a prospect experiences a not-so-nice sales process, they will likely retreat to social media to report on it.

Closing the deal can be an amicable process. It doesn’t need to involve pressuring the client and being the crude salesman of days past. In fact, it shouldn’t be that way. Today’s buyer has many options thanks to the global Internet economy. Beat out competitors with your brand commitment, people skills, and teaching capabilities.


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Telefundraising Challenges Facing Nonprofits and Educational Institutions

Wed, 2016-11-09 09:47

The support that donors give to nonprofits is what fuels their operations. Getting the right individuals to pledge support and cultivating their loyalty is not always easy. In recent years, the nonprofit sector has experienced some tough times. The last economic recession left most people struggling to recover their financial footing. It is only now that the pace is picking up steadily. For that reason, charities are on the lookout for the most effective means of raising money.

Telefundraising and phonathons are alternatives that have dependably performed for nonprofit organizations. Making calls to donors has a personal touch to it, and that goes a long way when convincing people to give money to your cause. Telephone call campaigns are also an excellent complement to other communication forms such as email and direct mail. Fundraising professionals and volunteers can call donors to follow up on an email message or direct mail piece to give it an added layer of donor-cause intimacy.

To get the most out of telefundraising nonprofits need to be aware of certain obstacles and difficulties facing their paid or volunteer callers. These are situations you can work around when performing telefundraising to contact donors and acquisition lists.

Sticking to “Free” Processes

Obviously, a nonprofit doesn’t want an extravagant and expensive campaign software solution for its fundraising campaigns. That’s why so many nonprofits and alumni associations stick with low-cost or free solutions: paper, a spreadsheet, home-grown databases, etc. If your campaign is small, this may work fine. However, as your donor base grows, your approach must scale with it. What you once managed just fine on paper or a simple spreadsheet gets time consuming and confusing when you increase your target population of donors. It’s a recipe for negative ROI or, at the very least, a less successful campaign than you could have had if you selected the right solution.

As your donor base grows, your #telefundraising approach must scale with it. #phonathon
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Evaluate your process. How much time are you spending compiling call sheets or spreadsheets? How much time do callers spend on manually filling out forms or looking up donors? Do a time study then compare that to the time your team takes with a telefundraising solution, such as VanillaSoft. (You can take a 30-day free trial to test it against the status quo.) If your callers are dialing more potential donors and raising more money, it may be a great investment for your organization.

Failing to Pay Attention to Scripts

Almost every institution out there has a script they use for callers to use. For smaller organizations, it’s tempting to copy the successful scripts of other organizations. When doing your research on successful scripts, keep in mind that you should look for insights only. Your organization has its own mission and values that you should reflect in your fundraising appeals. Copying a script from another organization may water down (or worse, confuse) your message with potential donors. Write your own script or contact a local marketing or public relations firm that does pro bono work to get a compelling, mission-specific script.

Another consideration when thinking about call scripts has to do with implementation. Training and role playing using the script with team members certainly helps to educate your fundraising team. However, a software platform that includes logical branch scripting will make it even easier for your volunteers. Logical branch scripting keeps your callers on message, put objections and rebuttals at their fingertips, and help them quickly gather information and responses.

Not Using Auto Dialing and Next-Best Donor Logic

If your team has hundreds or thousands of people to call, manual dialing is just going to limit your ability to reach donors quickly. Progressive auto dialing, coupled with next-best donor calling logic, will increase your contact rates and ensure you are reaching out to the highest-value donors first.

Not Perfecting the Voicemail Message

Many times fundraisers do a lot of great work to perfect the call script, but they forget to perfect the voicemail message script. A voicemail message is an important part of the message you want your donors to hear. If your volunteer’s message is confusing or rambling, you probably won’t get a call back and the donor may still screen your calls. Check out The Top Performer’s Voicemail Playbook. It’s written for inside sales reps, but many of those tips are applicable to fundraisers, too.

Are You Ready for Your Next Telefundraising Campaign?

Technology has provided numerous avenues for nonprofits and educational institutions to raise funds. Phone calls, however, offer a chance to create one-to-one relationships with donors that can be hard to accomplish any other way. Short of face-to-face communication, phone calls are the next best thing when you want to appeal to a donor. If you’re looking for a way to increase your call rates, consider giving VanillaSoft a try. With a 30-day free trial, you can get a sense of how productivity increases can improve your fundraising initiatives.


Read the Millikin University Case Study to see how VanillaSoft helped save thousands of dollars in production costs!

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Inside Sales Tips for Effective Follow Up on Trade Show Leads

Mon, 2016-11-07 09:14

Over 75% of trade show attendees have a direct involvement in the decision-making process of purchases according to Statista. The collected leads from these events are often warmed up and primed to take the next step. As an inside sales rep, reaching out to them within days of the event will keep your organization on their radar as a viable option.

Over 75% of trade show attendees have a direct involvement in the decision-making process.
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Trade conventions are valuable lead generators and offer a slew of networking opportunities. Those running your booth will speak to hundreds of prospects over the course of the event. Make sure they’re taking ample notes as they’ll come in handy when segmenting your list and following up afterward. Another preparatory task is to create a nurturing plan so you can efficiently follow up after the event. Sales management software programs like VanillaSoft allow you to create your strategy and plug in the leads after the show.

Your competitors may take weeks to reach out to their leads. Promptly making contact with your prospective buyers will allow your brand to stand out from competition. Here are some valuable tips for following up with leads after a trade show.

Online Follow-ups:

When creating your email nurture plan, think of these prospects as cold leads. Don’t dwell on helping them to remember your booth. Instead, spend your time trying to hook them with how your product can be of value to their business. You can include the event title in your subject line and the body of your email but make the mention brief.

Your nurturing plan should provide relevant content in the form of white papers or other downloads that will interest your leads. The last thing you want to do is send one follow-up email and then automatically add them to your newsletter list. Develop the relationship first with personalized information before moving them into mass marketing.

Reiterate any specials or announcements from the show, but guide their next steps with a call to action (CTA). Use direct CTAs avoiding the generic “learn more” button. Request that they carry out a specific task like “request a demo” or “download a free case study.” Doing so can also help to gauge the contacts’ interest level in your brand. Consider adding different CTAs that would appeal to prospects in various stages of the buyer’s journey to gain a greater understanding of where they stand.

Social media is another great outlet to foster the business relationship. Follow your new leads and add them to a Twitter list aptly named with an event-related title. Twitter lists provide an easy way to see what your prospects are talking about and will give your lead a reminder of how you met them. In addition to following their account, reach out with a simple message thanking them for stopping by your booth and maybe even mentioning a free white paper that would interest them.

Another platform that deserves mention is LinkedIn. Connect with your leads and personalize the connection request message to remind them where you met. Make it a point to like and comment on their LinkedIn activity. Show a genuine interest and avoid being too driven by the sales pitch in your outreach.

Telephone Follow-ups:

When following up with your trade show leads by phone, remember these are warm leads, you’re not cold calling. However, give them time to get back into their daily routine before picking up the phone after an event. You might even consider sending out the first email in your nurturing plan before touching base.

Do your research before the call and find something about them that will add depth to your conversation. Something you both have in common would be optimal so you can engage in a discussion before directing the conversation to the next step in your sales process. See if you can answer any questions they might have, or again, direct them to a download they may find beneficial. Extra points if they’ve already downloaded something from your nurturing emails. Take the time to ask them what they learned from it or for any feedback in general.

Another consideration for sales management is the technology that helps inside sales pros become more efficient with trade show lead follow up.

  • Call Script – a call script written specifically for trade show follow up can be very beneficial, especially if the sales reps making the calls were not in attendance. Logical branch scripting can guide reps.
  • Voicemail Drop – a show-specific, personalized voicemail recording can help speed up sales reps’ movement through your call list. A voice drop lets your reps leave the perfect message with trade show leads every time.
  • Auto Dialing – progressive and preview auto dialing help your team move through the call list more efficiently.
  • Appointment Setting – if your team is following up with leads to set appointments, provide them with a platform that has automated calendaring, proximity appointment setting options, team appointment setting, and other must-have features for setting online and “real world” meetings after the trade show.

“Time is of the essence” when following up with trade show leads. Starting the follow-up process shortly after returning from a trade show is necessary. Although you may want to jump in and ask for the sale right away, take your time. More than 50% of attendees plan to buy products or services they saw at a convention within a year of the event. Fostering a relationship by giving your leads useful information will only help you in the long run.

Learn more about Mastering the Lead Management Process for Inside Sales with our e-book. No registration required. Read it today!

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8 Benefits of CRM for Telemarketing; Auto-dialing Alone Just Won’t Cut It

Fri, 2016-11-04 09:46

Telemarketing is a highly competitive field, keeping leading positions in this environment needs to embrace rapid technology changes, growing customer demands and a lead management software to remain invaluable.

Reps normally determine telemarketing’s success by effectiveness and, thus, the business becomes critical in the minds of its customers based on the quality of lead’s interactions. An organization can optimize telemarketing workflow by configuring automations for scheduling, tracking, data capturing, data retrieval and responsiveness – to name a few – when you incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

However, there’s been a negative connotation associated with telemarketing over the years. While with most things everything must come to an end, and telemarketing is believed to of had its big breakthrough in the 1980s. The industry is still alive and thriving! Companies can excel at advanced telemarketing methods. But you may be wondering how?

A queue-based lead management system contributes to strengthening your presence within the industry due to a variety of options. This specific platform automatically presents reps with state-of-the-art prioritization techniques, and integrates powerful management controls that allow you to keep tabs on the process.

Furthermore, how Telephone Sales Representatives (TSR) benefit from CRM solutions is unmatchable. Here are the top perks to take your telemarketing to the next level:

  • Lead and Goal Management
    • Queue-based lead management is a revolutionary approach that allows you to benchmark performance against key performance indicators (KPI); increase the average calls per hours; provide more contact attempts; lower the lead decay rate; accelerate response time and more. When you can develop a successful lead management strategy based on productivity, list penetration, control and efficiency, you will exceed your goals. Thus, this leads to increased ROI with few resources; greater clarity over marketing decisions; increases visibility of TSR’s engagement; shortens time managing processes and give you more availability to focus on all areas of growth.
  • Maximize Performance and Customization
    • Imagine the power of centralized data combined with powerful data-selection tools so you can maximize TSRs performance metrics. You can build queries based on a custom field, call history data and script responses. Perform different actions on your query results, including changes to your queue, mass-update of fields, mail merging, save custom queries and add more personalized information. Create unlimited custom fields, input, menu or formula fields or make custom fields directly editable on the caller screen, and much more!
  • Flexibility to Manage All Workflow Processes to Ensure Consistency
    • Enjoy advance features such as Voice Drop, Call Scripting, Progressive and Preview Dialing, and Routing to increase performance visibility. Data is the lifeline of any organization, and growth requires clarity around performance. When you combine dynamic web reporting and a call-activity dashboard, you can manage workflow seamlessly.
  • Email Marketing Integration
    • Captures real-time insight into customer behavior so TSR’s are equipped with more personalization; go through customer’s servers and the from address can be their domain. Build effective email strategies; creative templates; send out automated drips; manage mass campaigns and even receive alerts from e-Gen to notify you when an email is opened so you can follow-up. Stay in front of contacts between calls with email drips to build brand and create campaigns that automatically sends emails to contacts based on last call date, last result or an appointment date.
  • Single Interface to Manage All Interactions
    • Assists in prioritizing TSRs’ actions and tasks with full visibility to the most user-friendly platform available. Have an inside look into multiple contacts, which agents have touched those contacts and the results of those contacted as well as a complete history. The additional of smart logical routing allows for a smooth management of assigning TSRs to an organization, groups within or individual contacts and more! Once more, all contacts are displayed on a single interface to show you real time statistics and results.
  • Appointment Setting
    • TSRs can set appointments for themselves, team members or external agents – all while managing multiple calendars, setting up notifications and blocking time to avoid overbooking. Make collaborative schedule more efficient. An appointment-setting module designed to specifically make TSRs time and efforts for efficient is ideal for any telemarketing company. Get organized with multiple calendars, schedule locking and proximity for appointments and routing for geographic areas.
  • Logical Brand Scripting
    • Ensure TSRs are conveying the best message with a scripting software that allows everyone to see the most updated scripted on their heads-up-display. Find a successful message TSRs can use so they can see the most updated script – get rid of the clutter, chaos and confusion with up-to-date consistent messaging. Guide an agent through logical, smart calls leading to repeatable, predictable results with proven intelligent dialogs to increase effectiveness. Create based scripts that allow agents to follow the flow of the call, gather information quickly and easily through input responses, feed information form responses directly into custom fields, field queries and reports by responses gathered and create team-based scripts to tailor the correct stage in the cycle.
  • Robust Report to Share Results of Telemarketing Campaigns
    • Build reports on last or all call information; group and filter reports by selected fields; export reports to Excel for further analysis and more. The data collected during calls (business intelligence) can be studied and used to create quality practices. All reports collected during real-time management dashboards all you to see statistics by campaigns, user, result group, call result or results per contact source. You can also view historical data, score leads, build custom queries and more to ensure there is an effective solution to drive productivity.

Queue-based lead management is a revolutionary approach to telemarketing software solutions, which uses a series of admin-defined rules to automate and prioritize workflow to agents. There’s not need to worry about time consuming processes or sifting through a list of prospects – a queue-based lead management system does all of this for you, automatically.

Increase your telemarketing productivity and efficiency with VanillaSoft’s award-wining software. Start your free trial to choose the features you need today.

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Auto-Dialing Can Make Your Inside Sales Dreams Come True

Mon, 2016-10-31 08:42

A fast and easy calling system that integrates seamlessly with your CRM is what inside sales teams’ dreams are made of. Auto-dialing is the key in turning your dreams into a reality.

It’s no secret that inside sales is all about communication, by phone, email, social media – whatever your preferred platform, the goal is to communicate with more prospects so you can close more sales. When you can have more conversations, and not just random dialing, there’s an uptick in qualified opportunities. Take the guesswork out of prospecting to give reps the insight they need to find the best prospects with auto-dialing.

What’s more impressive than one auto-dialing option? How about three! Predictive, Preview and Progressive auto-dialing are three main types of software currently available for agents in today’s market.

Predictive Dialing: Multiple Lines Dialed at Once

Predictive dialing works best for larger call centers that obtain a high level of call productivity. If you can obtain enough reps dialing leads at the same time, you can take advantage of the algorithms used to predict and adjust the number of reps available to prospect answers. However, this option is usually more expensive, leads to dropped calls and ultimately burns through leads.

Preview Dialing: Click-to-call for Personal Approach

Preview dialing allows you to control when a call is made and review important information first. This option is used for more complex, in-depth calls when prior leads have already been contacted. The biggest pro of this option is a rep can review the record of the lead to enhance the sales call, research prior to the dial and more. This option also allows you to handle callbacks, which when routed, will not auto dial until the rep has reviewed other notes and clicks to dial.

Progressive Dialing: Automatically Dial the Next Contact in the Queue

Progressive dialing is known to deliver big results because it streamlines the calling process by automatically dialing the next lead in the queue the moment you finish another call – giving you the most speed combined with the professionalism of preview dialing. The biggest appeal of this option is time saving: when powered by queue-based, next-best call logic this predetermined criteria automatically routes to the sales rep, ensuring priority leads are handled accordingly.

Trying to choose which auto-dialing software fits for your inside sales team depends on the organization’s needs and the rep’s protocol to handling leads such as who they are calling, how often and how much they know about a specific prospect. Take this into consideration: if you call a lead within five minutes of requested information, they are 10 times more likely to answers and four times more likely to qualify.

Regardless of what auto-dialing option you choose, VanillaSoft wants to help you identify new incoming leads and place them at the forefront of a sales reps’ queue. See what auto-dialing is all about and find out how you can accelerate your sales with our trials at VanillaSoft.com.

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How to Automate Your Phone-based Sales Processes

Fri, 2016-10-28 08:10

In today’s fast-paced digital world, products costing between $60,000 and $100,000 are selling without a face-to-face meeting. Inside sales professionals have the opportunity to complete the entire sales process via phone, SMS, web demos and other virtual forms of communication. As VanillaSoft’s CEO David Hood said in Andy Paul’s podcast Accelerate, “People are getting much more comfortable with the idea that they don’t need a handshake.”

However, the cost of leads is more expensive and harder to come by in many industries making a quality follow-up more important than it was 15 years ago. Queue-based automation systems like VanillaSoft allow for quicker initial contact with leads than traditional list-based systems. Instead of running off of a simple list and taking two days to reach out, a sales pro using a queue-based system is prompted to contact the lead within 30 minutes.

An increase in call volume between the two systems is drastic. A queue-based system allows for an average of three times more calls per hour. On the podcast, David explains how queue-based systems are more effective in driving reps to be persistent making cadence automation key.

As buyers continue to embrace the virtual world, inside sales professionals should take a closer look at how inside sales technologies can boost productivity. Tune into episode 260 of Accelerate to find out:

  • How a decrease in perceived risk with subscription-based pricing models helps the sales process and how as that drives forward, inside sales will continue to expand.
  • How customers become comfortable with companies through their digital presence today, but people still want to know there are real people behind the brand.
  • Why David says, “Inside Sales has taken over a good chunk of what can be handled remotely.”
  • How successful sellers are very conscious of the time involved with each task from their end and the buyers’ side.
  • Why David says only certain tasks should be automated with technology and how doing so frees up more time to spend on other tasks.
  • What a study conducted by the University of Ottawa – Telfer School of Management revealed about a salesperson’s need to be adaptable in the sales process and how different types of automation systems can make a difference.

“Quality conversations end up leading to success in sales.” –David Hood
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Listen to podcast episode 260 of Accelerate to find out how you can boost sales at your organization and where to begin when automating a phone-based sales process.

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Discovering the Best Methods for Setting Appointments

Fri, 2016-10-21 15:28

The process seems simple: Call qualified leads; briefly inform them you have a solution to the current issue; and set an appointment to educate the prospect. “It will only take 15 minutes,” your appointment setter explains — hoping to convince a fair amount of leads to give in, and meet with you. Some do, and your schedule looks great.

However, many of these leads will turn out to be no shows. Perhaps they wanted to get off the phone or maybe they agreed to an appointment they had no intention of keeping. Others may show up, but they could be a poor fit for your product or service. It doesn’t benefit anyone to set appointments with leads who don’t intend on setting up a demo for a product or service. Thus, the hunting and pecking must begin again.

The truth is, your appointment setters need a new approach — one that shifts from trying to persuade someone to spend “just 15 minutes” with a rep to digging deeper on what they need. Your sales team needs to help leads see value in meeting with them. In fact, they don’t necessarily need to be in the market at this point, the goal is to create an understanding and trusting environment for the prospect.

VanillaSoft’s appointing-setting module is designed specifically to get organized with multiple calendars, quota management, schedule blocking and more so you and your sales team can have a more productive and efficient process.

Logical-Branch Scripting and On-board Messaging to Set Appointments

Digging deeper is much harder than calling endless amounts of leads, making a short pitch, and hoping to set an appointment. But you’ll likely have an appointment schedule filled with more qualified leads and with fewer no-shows. You will need to discover what each prospect is searching for to provide value.

Finding a successful message is essential and a call center scripting software can easily create and update scripts instantly. A logical-branch script will help reps to get past the gatekeepers, build rapport, handle any initial objections and ask probing questions that dig deeper.

While your appointment setters may be accustomed to highlighting the benefits of your products and services the purpose of the call is twofold: discover the lead’s needs and help prospects see the value of your company.

Discovering A Prospect’s Needs

The “Sandler Pain Funnel” — a sales methodology developed by David H. Sandler — is a questioning approach that digs progressively deeper with pain questions.

These include, “Tell me more about that.” “Can you be more specific?” “How long has that been a problem?” “How much do you think that has cost you?” and “How do you see me helping you?” Appointment setters can qualify the leads and provide enough information to suggest you’re a good by incorporating probing questions into your script.

Setting the Value and Booking the Appointment

Most people don’t want to be sold to and their time is precious to them. However, if the appointment is positioned as a low-pressure meeting where they will benefit in some way, they may be willing to meet with you.

A powerful close is to suggest meeting briefly to get acquainted, learn more about the problem and see if you’re a good fit for each another. Let the prospect know that if it turns out not to be a good fit at the time, you will provide good information they can refer to in the future.

This value-oriented close keeps the focus on prospects and their needs while also giving them an out if they are not interested. Overall, you’ll want to ensure your actual appointments live up to the promises you make when setting an appointment.

Provide Gentle Reminders

To reduce the likelihood of no-shows even further, use a system — such as email reminders or brief phone calls — to gently remind your leads of upcoming appointments. Simply be personable and remind your prospects that you look forward to meeting them at the appointed time.

Whether you set appointments yourself or use a team of appointment setters, using a script that asks questions and provides a proven path will help leads to better understand their own needs and see value within the meeting.

Setting more appointments with the most powerful software on the market, including best-in-class features and extensive calendaring functionality can be done through VanillaSoft. The appointment-setting module is one of the many invaluable features provided within the industry’s leading software by taking the best CRM, lead management and telemarketing applications to create the most inside sales environment available.

This article was written and contributed by Celeste Stewart.

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Automate Sales by Cutting Low-level Tasks out of Your Day

Mon, 2016-10-17 13:35

According to The Bridge Groups, sales productivity is the #1 challenge for nearly 65 percent of business-to-business organizations. The one universal truth is that no matter how great your service is, the business needs an efficient sales process. The trick is to find an ideal inside sales software that emphasizes efficiency, usefulness and productivity.

VanillaSoft allows sales teams to increase productivity by managing leads with our profitable queue-based platform, which has completely changed the way the industry functions. Queue-based lead management uses result codes, disposition values and customizable routing logic to propel the process of presenting the next-best lead automatically – no need for hunting and pecking.

Here are the top ways VanillaSoft includes inside sales productivity:

  • Auto-dialing
    • VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing and voice features provide both volume and quality so you can achieve your sales goals. The benefits of our auto-dialing feature includes both progressive dialing and preview dialing.
      • Progressive Dialing: This is our most popular type of auto-dialing, and for good reason! As soon as a contact is dispositioned, the next-best record appears on the screen and the number is automatically dialed.
      • Preview Dialing: You have the ability to review the contact information before beginning the conversation. Simply click on the phone number when you’re ready to call – hence its nickname, ‘click-to-call.’
  • Email Templates
    • Email marketing helps you stay in front of customers, prospects and everyone in between by integrating emails with personalized calls. This makes it easy for you to build effective strategies to educate and build brands to increase contact responses.
      • Some benefits of this feature include – but aren’t limited to – pre-defined attachments, set up auto-response emails for incoming leads or trigger leads, a call history and automated emails based on the result of a call.
  • Queue-based Lead Routing
    • Trigger and distribute your leads seamlessly with VanillaSoft’s queue-based routing and lead integration tools. You can use a pre-defined routing template or customize your own. Our next-best-call routing allows you and your team to perform at astronomically high productivity levels, which include:
      • Custom queue-based on qualifiers
      • Call results
      • Routing logic
      • Workflow priorities
      • And more!
  • Auto-lead Status Update
    • This feature allows you to update your lead status based on the result of the call. Once more, you can even escalate the lead to the next available team member. When you have easy pipeline updates and escalation, leads are worked more efficiently leading to greater performance results. Managers also have more accurate reporting, which helps track performance of each campaign and prospect.
  • Voice Drop
    • VanillaSoft allows you to leave the perfect message with precise wording in an enthusiastic tone every time. You can customize your pre-recorded message on voicemails and answering machines with one click.
      • Increase contact and quality of calls; free time to talk products and services; reduces tedious, repetitive tasks for further productivity.
  • Automated Workflows
    • Automating your sales workflows and lead management strategy is critical to improving revenue generation. VanillaSoft’s revolutionary approach helps assist with the automation of lead flows. Instead of working from a list view that must be manually selected to contact a lead, the default view for a salesperson is based on prioritization and logic defined by management.
  • Integration with Various Suite Programs
    • Regardless of what suite programs you use for your campaigns and leads, VanillaSoft is conveniently synced up to access all mainstream programs including, Docusign, Microsoft Office, Adobe and more!

VanillaSoft gives you the tools to create a development process that emphasizes the importance of increased productivity, higher contact rates and sales accountability like no other.

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How to Succeed as a B2B Inside Sales Rep

Wed, 2016-10-12 08:48
5 Persuasive Skills All B2B Sales Reps Must Have

B2B sales reps must know how to sell. To do it, they have the right sales skills. If they lack these skills, they’ll find it hard to sell your products or services, and your company will lose ground to the competition.

Convincing the customer that your brand is the right buy for them is not always easy. B2B sales representatives must master the art of persuasion to sell. A recent article from LeadCrunch lists the top five persuasive skills of successful B2B inside sales reps. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  1. Give to get.

As many say, “give to get.” Being helpful shows a human aspect of your business and is key to growing attention for your brand.

Your customers are looking to address a problem. Create a piece of content that addresses their issues and provide it to your sales representatives to give away.

Three ideas to kick start brainstorming for your next piece of free content:

  • A short eBook addressing a problem your target audience regularly faces.
  • A checklist related to something your product or service is a solution.
  • A list of five tips relevant to your industry.
  1. Understand the needs of your target audience.

If you don’t already know your B2B customers’ needs – ask them! Not only will this gain leverage for you and your brand, but you’ll learn the recurring problems in your industry.

  1. Know where your product stands against your competitors.

You need to know your products inside and out, but don’t forget about your competitors. Your customers will likely be making a comparison, and you should have a good understanding of where you stand in the market.

  1. Make your B2B leads feel like they’re special.

Personalizing interactions in the modern age is easy. Typing a person’s name in a search engine can reveal massive amounts of information about them. Consider bringing up a charity event they were a part of or a sports team that they follow. Take the time to find something about them that can continue the conversation outside of the sale.

  1. Stay focused on a B2B goal.

Each interaction you have with your B2B customers should revolve around an objective. That objective can be anything from a meeting to a demonstration or even a response to an offer. Constantly keep moving towards your end goal.

In addition to these five skills, you’ll need an lead management system with sales automation to ensure your leads are worked at peak efficiency. VanillaSoft’s Inside Sales CRM provides a number of features to help with your success in B2B sales.

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Inside Sales Lessons from Josiane Feignon & Burning Man

Thu, 2016-09-29 07:57
Keeping Your Inside Sales Teams on Fire

Diversify Your Workforce Include people of diverse ages, ethnicities, cultures, genders, and physical abilities for a truly unique and alive workplace. SAP has a goal of having 25% of their leadership roles to be filled by females by 2017; by 2020 their goal is to have 1% of their workforce positions filled by autistic people.

In Josiane Feignon’s recent newsletter, she shared about her recent trip to Burning Man. Her experience seeing an empty desert transform into a thriving yet temporary community caused her to think about how Millennials have had a similar impact on some inside sales teams. Josiane says, “Retaining Millennials continues to be an expensive challenge for many sales organizations. Solving that challenge takes something else I learned at Burning: You have to think different, be open to new ideas of what a workplace can be, and welcome all the diversity of the world into your world.”

Check out these eight ideas she came up with for keeping the fire burning in your inside sales organization. Be sure to read the full version (see this link to the web version of the email) for the full scoop on each.

  • Workforce diversity. Your customer base is probably a diverse set of individuals. Wouldn’t it be great if those diverse prospects and buyer personas recognized your company is diverse, too?
  • Hiring older workers. Talk of Millennials has been all the rage, but there are talented and focused workers out there from Generation X and the Baby Boomer crowd who are there and ready to fill the gaps left by Millennials.
  • Setting higher expectations. Many people like to paint Millennials as entitled or needy. They are actually quite productive. Instead of catering to stereotypes, set higher expectations. They can meet them.
  • Prioritizing hard skills over personality. It’s great to have people on the team who mesh well with others and fit your corporate culture. Personality does play a role in the larger scheme of things. But, don’t let charisma blind you to a candidate who may have a stronger set of hard skills that can push your business harder.
  • Rethinking rewards. Going the practical route may pay off bigger with the Millennial generation that you think. See Josiane’s rewards ideas mentioned in her email.
  • Reverse m Great idea – younger workers have ideas and skills to teach your older workers, too.
  • An open seating workspace. The open-office plan can be distracting. Check out Josiane’s advice for setting up the optimal workspace for your sales team.
  • Hiring remote workers. This is an area where we couldn’t agree more! With the right inside sales software, you can have workers anywhere. Learn more about how VanillaSoft can help you improve your remote inside sales management and improve call productivity.

What other tips do you have to share with inside sales managers looking to hang on to great sales talent?

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How to Juggle Your Leads without Dropping the Ball

Mon, 2016-09-26 10:41

It’s no surprise the use and need for inside sales has skyrocketed thanks to technology and the innovative ways salespeople are maximizing their potential. But how do you keep your leads in order? How do you close the sale on new prospects? What is the secret to juggling your leads without dropping the ball?

Entrepreneur and author Gary Keller – co-founder of Keller Williams Realty – knows the key to a closing deals with extraordinary results. “Juggling is an illusion,” he once said. “In reality, the balls are being independently caught and thrown in rapid succession … it is actually just task switching.”

VanillaSoft is the ringleader when it comes to task switching and prioritization thanks to our queue-based management software, which can help catapult your sales further. As the industry’s leading software for Sales by Phone, we provide an easy-to-use inside sales management program to create the most productive environment available.

Here’s how the queue-based platform helps you juggle your leads:

  1. Increased Productivity
    • It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to hunting for leads. Our software sets up your list of prospects so that you must work the lead presented.
  2. Deeper List Penetration
    • Leads are kept in constant circulation so there’s less room for individual performance differences. Additionally, decisions are made based on the most accurate data possible.
  3. Greater Management Control
    • Instead of cherry picking which leads to focus on first, our software creates a customized workflow.
      • The numbers show that those who use our queue-based platform saw the decay rate drop by 30%. Why? There’s better clarity and greater control over the processes.
  4. Speed to Lead
  • A new lead can be assigned to a specific salesperson, in a specific order or even be assigned to the next available rep. This is due to the quick accessibility to real-time web leads logged into the queue.
    • Fun fact: On average, 50% of all real-time internet leads are contacted within the first five minutes thanks to our management software.

The revolutionary approach of our software to lead management improves front-line operations, increases productivity and – most importantly – allows you to throw more leads into your constant sales juggling act.

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How to Get Your Leads Across the Finish Line

Tue, 2016-09-13 11:53

It’s exciting to identify a hot lead, but it’s also a process that requires a great deal of preparation, investment, and effort before you can consider the deal closed. Think about your favorite athletes crossing the finish line during the Olympics this summer. They didn’t merely wake up one day and enter the contest. Every last one of them has invested in themselves and prepared for their successes on the track. Though the race itself may be fleeting, years of hard work, dedication, and determination led them across the finish line.

With this thought in mind, here’s how you can adopt a similar approach to get your leads across the finish line.

 – Keep your eyes on the prize — It helps to know exactly what it is you’re working for. Not all athletes are going for Olympic gold. Some are going for their personal best or working to improve their health and stamina. From a sales standpoint, what are your goals? Are working to improve conversion rates? Going for volume? Seeking quality leads over quantity? Knowing what you’re working for will help you to choose an appropriate path and stay on track.

 – Invest in good running shoes — Can you imagine Usain Bolt winning the 100 meters wearing a beat-up pair of tennis shoes? His talent means he’d still be fast, but you can bet he wouldn’t perform at his best without a pair of good-fitting running shoes built for the task at hand. Your sales team needs purpose-built productivity tools like VanillaSoft’s CRM with auto-dialing, email, lead tracking, and a document library of mergeable forms, brochures and content.

 – Train and practice — Your sales people are likely talented and skilled, but they still need to hone their craft through continuous training, practice, and coaching. Just as coaches and athletes review performance by watching videos, you and your sales team can do the same by listening to call recordings.

 – Warm up — Now that you’ve determined what you want to accomplish, invested in your tools, and trained for the big event, it’s showtime! It’s almost time to race, but before you do, you need to warm up. It’s helpful for sales agents to get into the right frame of mind with a positive ritual before jumping on the phones. Stretching, music, and visualization can all be used to warm up before reaching out to leads.

 – Choose your best starting position — Next, place yourself in the best starting position possible. Make sure the best leads are queued up to call and you have the tools you need at your fingertips. For example, if you’re calling leads to set up appointments, but you don’t have an efficient scheduling tool in place, you could be setting yourself up for a false start.

 – Come out of the blocks fast — A slow start is demoralizing and can spell disaster. The same is true if you allow your freshest leads to go stale. Call your newest leads before anyone else does and you’ll have a much better chance of bringing them across the finish line with you. Wait too long, and they’ll either lose interest or buy from someone else.

 – Pace yourself — Don’t sprint in the beginning. Once you contact your leads, get to know them. Find out what their needs are and gain their trust before pushing a solution you think they want on them.

 – Stay focused on the sale — Ever wonder why racehorses wear blinders? It’s to minimize distractions. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted; stay focused on the sale. This means creating a calling environment where you can concentrate and pay attention to your prospects. Listen for buying signals and offer consultive solutions to their problems. Logical branch scripting is helpful for overcoming objections or offering alternatives based on the lead’s responses.

 – Realize it’s a fairly long race, and plan accordingly — Following up with leads is rarely a 100-yard dash; it’s more like a marathon. Formulate a plan. For example, figure out what your prospects’ hotspots are and send relevant emails and content.

 – Stay steady — You can’t just start and stop when you feel like it, or when a lead doesn’t respond initially. You must be persistent. 45 percent of all leads buy. Don’t throw away expensive leads.

 – Keep your eyes on the prize — We said this before the race even started, and we’re going to say it again now that you’re almost there. You’ve worked hard, you’re nearly out of breath, and you’re not sure you’re going to make it. But yet that finish line is so close. You can do this! Remain self-confident and ask for the sale.

 – Track your performance after the race — Finally, you’ve crossed the finish line. Whether your prospect converted or not, make sure to track your performance and set goals to set new sales records for yourself.

Talent alone will get you far, but if you want consistent performance and to work as efficiently as possible, you need the right CRM solution. VanillaSoft puts the tools you need at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly respond to your freshest leads, interact with them in the most meaningful way possible, follow up with relevant content, and stay focused on earning their trust as you move the relationship from the starting blocks to the finish line.

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Pump Up Your Email Campaigns with Drip Email

Tue, 2016-08-30 10:30

You just wrapped up an amazing email campaign. The response rate was impressive and you’re pleased with the results. While you have reason to be proud, you realize that future subscribers will miss out unless you re-launch the campaign at some point in the future. Alas, you don’t want to do that because it would annoy your current subscribers. Fortunately, there’s a way to handle this known as drip email marketing.

What Is Drip Email?

Drip email goes by several names. You may have heard of autoresponders, automated email campaigns, or marketing automation. They’re all essentially the same in that they automatically send a series of emails to your list over a period of time. This type of email marketing has become known as drip email marketing because your messages are drip, drip, dripped to subscribers on a schedule.

For example, a real estate agent could send a series of email messages to sellers who have just listed their homes. The first message could be sent immediately upon listing the home. It might contain a thank you message along with some explanations as to what to expect throughout the process. A few days later, a message containing tips for making the home attractive to potential buyers would arrive. A few days later, the next message would arrive, perhaps discussing the escrow process.

This entire series would repeat with each new seller who lists a home with this particular real estate agent.

The Case for Using Drip Email

Setting up drip email campaigns does take some time upfront. After all, you’ll need to plan the campaign, write the content, determine the best schedule, and set up the drip email campaign in your email marketing software. However, once it’s set up, the power of marketing automation takes over. You won’t have to keep recreating similar campaigns for future leads, prospects, or customers.

Not only is drip email ultimately easier for you, the marketer, it works. For example, an infographic found on Marketing Tech Blog reports that email drip open rates are much higher than for single sends (about 80 percent higher) and have higher click through rates (3 times as many). That same infographic reveals that marketers who excel at drip email campaigns generate 80 percent more sales at 33 percent lower costs.

Moreover, Marketing Sherpa says that the lack of nurturing leads is the most common cause for poor conversion rates. Roughly 79 percent of all leads don’t convert. Can you afford to let that many qualified leads go?

Meanwhile, consumers actually like being contacted by email. According to Merkle, email is the preferred method of commercial communications for 74 percent of its survey respondents.

The Top 3 Uses of Drip Email

How can you put drip email to good use in your business? The top three uses for drip email are:

  1. Lead Nurturing — This is crucial in developing relationships with potential buyers at various stages in the buyer’s journey. With a drip email campaign, you can provide them with educational or valuable content that answers the questions they’re likely to have at that particular state of the journey.For example, when a prospect requests a quote for a remodeling project, a drip marketing campaign can provide further information covering relevant topics such as what to look for in a contractor, understanding the permit process, benefits of custom cabinetry versus stock cabinets, financing tips, customer testimonials, recent press about your company, competitor comparisons, and so on. Not only would the drip campaign keep the business top of mind, it also builds credibility.
  2. Customer Engagement — Keeping customers engaged after the sale is another great use for drip email campaigns. You could send useful information about your products and services to help them get the most out of their purchase. For example, you could send how to tips, important things to know, related content, industry trends, and so on.
  3. Renewals — Drip emails are also beneficial for cyclical products and services that will need to be renewed. You’ll want to create a series of emails to go out for a period before the renewal date. You might start by inquiring about their satisfaction or ask for an annual review. You could also talk about any applicable promotions. The goal is to gauge satisfaction, uncover any issues to address, and provide relevant information that encourages customer loyalty.

Drip email marketing is an effective means of communicating with leads, prospects, and customers alike. Pump up your email marketing with drip! Create a series of messages based on their position in the buyer’s journey and set up an automatic drip, drip, drip of valuable content.

VanillaSoft offers a robust set of email marketing tools to help your business get the most out of sales and marketing efforts. Schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial and  start converting more leads today!

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