Building an Email Template Library

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By Josiane Feigon

Inside sales must have a High Tool IQ which means knowing their tools and using them effectively throughout the sales cycle. Email templates are part of your tools inventory; your emails are constantly evolving documents and today’s emails should be shorter with strong subject lines. They need to be part of your “triple threat” arsenal which includes voice mail + email+ LinkedIn= high response.

It is important to realize that sending out emails when you are prospecting is your job as a salesperson and not the marketing organizations’ job. They may be doing larger lead generation email marketing campaigns but this should not discourage you from sending your emails.

Here are sample templates to include when building your email template library.

Let’s look at the Multiple Attempts emails which is when you are reaching out to the same person multiple times. You don’t want to send out the exact same email, instead, change it up to include:

  • 1st attempt email: The “lite” introduction
  • 2nd attempt email: More specific information customized to the prospect
  • 3rd attempt email: The ROI on your product/service
  • 4th attempt email: This is the break-up email AKA “Going . . . going . . .  gone!”

Pay special attention to your subject lines on these emails and especially on this final attempt which can include subject lines such as: “I’m concerned…..” or “Is this goodbye?” or “Permission to Close Your File?”

Other templates include:

  • Webinar invitation: Benefits for attending
  • Webinar, white paper follow-up: Thank them and include benefits
  • Appointment Request
  • Lead response; follow-up on webinar, evaluation, white paper download
  • Invitation for event or demo
  • Proposal and quote follow-up
  • News and announcement: Make it exciting
  • Vertical specific
  • Title specific


Your email template library will continue to grow and evolve. As you accumulate your templates, trade with your peers so you will have a robust list.

Remember you want to press “send” while leaving a voice mail to leverage your email in this “Dynamic Duo” outreach strategy.


About the Author

Josiane Feigon is the President of TeleSmart Communications. She is a pioneer, maverick, and visionary in the inside sales community. Consistently recognized among The Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals, Josiane is one of the world’s leading experts on inside sales team and management talent.


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