Text Prospecting: Proceed and be Bold

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By Josiane Feigon

Inside salespeople are the early adopters of new ways of prospecting. As they struggle to survive in today’s dying telephone culture, they’re still in the business of getting a response. Text prospecting is one of the fastest ways to get responses (text messages are read within the first 5 seconds), increase connectivity, confirm appointments, gain trust, motivate employees, solve problems, and strengthen your brand.

When Should you Text and What to Think About?

You must approach text prospecting with caution and be professional about it. The first rule is the better the prospect knows you, the more effective your prospecting text message will be. The less they know you, the more likely you will cause offense and be perceived as too pushy.

Here are a few basics to think about when your communications are 250 characters or less:

  • Identify yourself
  • Watch your tone
  • Use proper grammar and spelling, and skip the abbreviations (LOL, OMG, IMHO, BFF)
  • Be careful using links

Acceptable Text Prospecting Messages to Send

  1. Appointment reminder and confirmation – Anyone on your calendar should receive a text reminder and confirmation. This is one of the best ways to keep it from being canceled. “Hi Bob, this is Susan Smith with VanillaSoft, are we still on for 4 pm today? Looking forward to it.”
  2. Your external partner and current customers – These are people you already have a relationship with and are comfortable speaking with in a casual tone.“Hey, Bob, it’s Susan Smith with VanillaSoft. Any chance we can jump on a call to discuss next steps together?”
  3. Thanking them and following-up.


As mobile messaging continues to grow, text messaging will take on a bigger role in the sales landscape.


About the Author

Josiane Feigon is the President of TeleSmart Communications. She is a pioneer, maverick, and visionary in the inside sales community. Consistently recognized among The Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals, Josiane is one of the world’s leading experts on inside sales team and management talent.

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