AA-ISP 2016 Leadership Summit

The 8th Annual AA-ISP Leadership Summit is returning to the beautiful Hyatt Regency O’Hare on April 20th and 21st, with Pre-Event Workshops on the 19th. The 2016 Summit will feature all-new presentations from over 70 of today’s most recognized Inside Sales Experts. Learn the latest tips, technologies, and proven best practices for solving today’s toughest challenges and issues.

[Webinar] Compensate to Motivate

Few things motivate, or demotivate, a salesperson more than how they are paid. Most business owners view compensation one dimensionally: how much should a salesperson earn if they make quota. Compensation can be used to do more than excite a salesperson to make a sale. Properly constructed, a compensation plan can also motivate and excite a salesperson to engage in all the desired behaviors that lead up to the sale — leading to a consistent flow of sales.

In this fun and educational webinar, best-selling author, Lee Salz, and VanillaSoft’s VP of Sales, Guy De La Cruz, will help you create and get the most out of your compensation plan.

[Webinar] Onboarding a World-Class Inside Sales Force

In the first webinar of this series, “Hiring a World-Class Inside Sales Team”, we discussed the concept of revenue investment and how to make informed decisions when hiring. Hiring the right salesperson is only one half of the equation, properly onboarding that salesperson is how you protect that investment and turn it into a long-term high performing asset. In this second installment we will teach you how to onboard your newly hired sales team and prepare them for success.

In this fun and educational webinar, best-selling author of “Hire Right, Higher Profits,” Lee Salz, and VanillaSoft’s CEO, David Hood, will help you start onboarding a world-class sales force.

Lead Generation: The Good, the Bad, the Effective

Lead generation is a critical activity for filling your sales pipeline, and it can be difficult to separate the good advice from the bad advice on the topic. In this webinar, we’ve distilled the oceans of information into essential educational and actionable next steps.

AA-ISP Frontline Friday: KISS and Sell

A salesperson’s purpose is to engage in quality conversations with prospects that are suited for their product or service and convert them into paying customers. As we’ve entered into the age of inside sales, the processes and strategies that are required to be successful have become more and more complex. The task of managing these complex sales processes have fallen on the shoulders of the salesperson. The problem is that the more time and energy a salesperson spends on other functions, the less time they spend doing what you hired them for – engaging in quality conversations with prospects.

This webinar talks about the impact technology can have on overall sales performance by simplifying the end user implementation of complex sales processes.

AA-ISP’s Inside Sales 2015 – Dallas Conference

Join VanillaSoft at the AA-ISP Inside Sales 2015 Conference in Dallas on Nov 3, 2015. The AA-ISP Inside Sales Conference one-day events are filled with multiple educational events for inside sales representatives and managers. It provides information for those representatives and managers who want to improve their productivity, performance, and career opportunities. The Nov 3rd event in Dallas will take place at The Westin Galleria Dallas.

How to Transform Your Inside Sales Efforts from Ho-Hum to Heck Yeah

Successful telemarketing and inside sales organizations are concerned with accounting for every dollar spent and maximizing return on investment. Two areas where companies tend to spend the most, and consequently bleed the most in their budgets, are personnel/overhead and marketing/lead spend.

Live Demo – The New VanillaSoft

If your organization has an inside sales team, you owe it to yourself to check out The New VanillaSoft. In this live demo, you’ll have the opportunity to get a look at our new modern interface, with sophisticated functionality and additional features.

2015 Call Center Week Conference and Expo

Customers are defining the game and setting the vision for service excellence. Smart companies are answering back. The Call Center Week Conference and Expo series explores the customer experience and much more! You get the value of five different conferences in one. It’s perfect for call center representatives and managers who want to improve their productivity, performance, and careers. During this conference, experience inspirational stories of customer-centric leadership, innovation, growth, and transformation. Join us in Las Vegas for this innovative conference.

AA-ISP’s Inside Sales Frontline Conference

The AA-ISP Frontline Conferences are a series of one-day events that take place throughout the country, dedicated to improving the performance and professionalism of inside sales reps and managers. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Convention Center.