Member - David Hood

David Hood


David Hood, CEO of VanillaSoft, is a successful software entrepreneur with extensive international experience in finance, business development, sales, and marketing. Under his leadership VanillaSoft has grown over the past decade from a small start-up to a leader in the inside sales and CRM space focusing on lead management and cadence automation.

Prior to VanillaSoft, David was co-founder and CEO of Hemera Technologies, which grew from a basement start-up to a world-class player in the digital image content space in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, a Master's Degree in International Affairs, and graduated from the Owner- President Management program (OPM) of Harvard Business School.

Member - Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill

Chief Revenue Officer

Darryl Praill is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, the industry’s most established Sales Engagement Platform. As an accomplished award-winning marketer, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker, a 2020 top 10 SaaS Branding Expert, a Top 19 B2B Marketer to Watch in 2019, a social media influencer, a category-leading podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Darryl has raised almost $100 million in venture capital, acquired, merged and taken companies public, been hired and fired, and worked for companies of all sizes

Member - Simon Gregoire

Simon Gregoire

Vice President of Research & Development

Simon Grégoire is the vice president of the VanillaSoft research and development team. Drawing on over 20 years of development experience, Simon applies his expertise to strategically manage all programming activities and is directly responsible for the development of the principal application cores.

Simon has acted as Development Manager at Tomoye, a pioneer in Online Communities of Practice, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Hemera, a leader in digital imaging and graphics management, and Senior Development Leader at G&A Imaging, a leading ID-based security company.

He has won numerous international awards for his software design and user interfaces.

Additionally, VanillaSoft has built a winning team of engineers, operations personnel, finance managers and general managers.

Member - Genie Parker

Genie Parker


Genie brings more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing with an emphasis on doing business on the phone. Genie comes with a broad experience reaching into hundreds of industries including technology, manufacturing, non-profits, financial services, and business services.

Prior to joining VanillaSoft, Genie Parker co-founded Parker, Murray and Associates, a remarkably successful boutique outbound call center. Genie's company consistently delivered sales, qualified leads, appointments, marketing and fund-raising services to businesses from The Fortune 500 to small businesses across the United States for 15 years.

PMA gained a reputation in the industry with companies looking to carry out highly productive calling campaigns while ensuring a quality customer experience. Her knowledge of technology and the entire phone sales process gives her the ability to bring the two together to give VanillaSoft customers the tools they want and need.

Genie has worked at such companies as L’Oréal, Monet, and 1928 Jewelry and holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Member - Catherine Robles

Catherine Robles

Director of Sales

VanillaSoft Director of Sales, Catherine Robles, has spent her 10+ years in B2B sales developing relationships, and lives by her motto of, “building meaningful relationships one conversation at a time” in all aspects of her life. From individual contributor to leadership positions, establishing strong and long-lasting relationships are one of Catherine’s top priorities. Catherine's top piece of advice for sales professionals - go back to basics: don’t forget to smile, maintain eye contact, speak clearly and loudly enough to be comfortably heard, practice radical listening, and always give more than you take.

Prior to joining VanillaSoft, Catherine held sales leadership roles with KPMG Canada, Dynata, and Research Now. Born in Colombia and residing in Canada, Catherine is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Member - Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker

Director of Product Management

Kevin Baker brings 20 years of experience in product management, sales, marketing, and business development to his role as Director of Product Management at VanillaSoft. His career has primarily been in the high-tech sector across large, mid-sized and start-up companies. Before VanillaSoft, Kevin was with Protus IP Solutions, which was acquired by J2 Global for $213 million in 2010. His career has also taken him to other successful high-tech companies including Hemera Technologies and Corel Corporation, and Kevin even tried his hand in the public sector for a short stint with Canada Post. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Ottawa.

Member - Lynn Daviault

Lynn Daviault

Director of Customer Support

Lynn has been a member of the VanillaSoft team November 2018. As Director of Customer Support, she acts as a liaison between clients and VanillaSoft’s support department making sure that the lines of communication remain open.

Lynn is client and business development focused and has a high degree of ethics and possesses the ability to visualize the situation and collaborate with employees and clients to reach their goals. To Lynn, customer service and support is an integral part of any organization’s customer life cycle. She leverages trust, strong communication skills and integrity and can develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients, resulting in tremendous loyalty, referrals and positive feedback for Lynn, her team and the entire organization.

Born and raised in a small mining community of Timmins, ON Canada, Lynn brings over 25 years of customer service experience, predominantly in Contact/Support Centers, and over 10 years of progressive management insight gained with various organizations (Tech, Insurance and Finance.) Throughout her career, Lynn has successfully launched 4 contact centers and implemented robust forecasting, scheduling and quality programs. Her knowledge and expertise in contact centers has helped bolster our internal processes and streamlined the way our support staff conduct their day to day interactions with our clients.

Lynn sits on the Advisory Board for the Customer Experience Program at the University of Houston, Bauer in Dallas where she supports the faculty and program managers in delivering relevant offerings and strengthening the fundamental mission of the University of Houston Customer Experience Certificate program.

Lynn resides in Ottawa, ON, Canada with her husband Glen and her dog Hudson.

Member - Marie-Pierre Linttell

Marie-Pierre Linttell

Talent Acquisition and HR Director

A natural leader and mentor in the Human Resources and Staffing industry. A dedicated and analytical professional, with a demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive, executive-level support. Highly focused and results-oriented, leveraging interpersonal and communication skills to develop positive relationships with clients and staff. Fluent in English and French.

Member - Matt Moradi

Matt Moradi

Head of Accounting

Matt Moradi is Head of the Accounting at VanillaSoft since 2019. When he became a member of the VanillaSoft team, Matt brought more than 10 years of international experience.

Matt Leads the company's accounting team located both in Canada and the US. Special care is given in providing the best transactional services for the company's customers. Additionally, he oversees the day-to-day accounting of VanillaSoft and cash flow and prepares all the budget projections as well as the financial statements.

His passion for Finance world can be traced back to his childhood when he showed interest and curiosity for the Stock market, TAX, Investments. Outside of the office, Matt is committed to sports and outdoor activities (especially water activities) and has a passion for photography.

Member - Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims

Director of Customer Success

Daniel has led VanillaSoft’s Customer Success team for more than 6 years and is responsible for coordinating all client onboarding, customer training, professional services, and account management across the organization. He is the foremost expert and evangelist of the VanillaSoft platform, with close to 10 years of experience in the product.

With a customer-first mentality, Daniel is committed to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring lasting success by fostering long-term consultative partnerships with clients. While he excels at building relationships and delivering results to those he works with, he remains an average bowler.