VanillaSoft Announces New Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Plano, TX – (Sept 3rd, 2012) – VanillaSoft is pleased to announce that it has expanded its executive team with the appointment of Kevin Thornton as Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing based in Plano, Texas. Thornton will be responsible for accelerating customer and revenue growth overseeing all new customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

VanillaSoft Announces New Features, Including Google Calendar Sync

Plano, TX – (June 12th, 2012) – VanillaSoft announced several enhancements to its CRM-Lead Management Platform. Included in the release is the ability for users to sync their VanillaSoft calendars with Google calendars. Ken Murray, President of VanillaSoft, stated, “More and more organizations are taking advantage of Google’s robust calendaring. Providing a seamless synch will only enhance the VanillaSoft offering.”

VanillaSoft – Appointment Setting Software Just Keeps Getting Better

Plano, TX – (April 18th, 2012) – VanillaSoft, in its continuing quest to remain at the forefront of Appointment Setting Software, has released a new set of features and functionality for their already robust platform.

VanillaSoft Releases App on App Exchange

Plano, TX – (March 21st, 2012) – VanillaSoft announced today the release of the VanillaSoft App on the App Exchange. The release will allow users of and VanillaSoft to move leads back and forth seamlessly between both applications. VanillaSoft is widely utilized by organizations focused on selling, prospecting or setting appointments through outbound sales calls.

VanillaSoft Celebrates Women’s History Month Through its Micro Lending Initiative

Plano, TX – (March 2nd, 2012) – VanillaSoft announced today that, in celebration and recognition of Women’s History Month, it will be supporting micro lending focused on female owned businesses in the third world. VanillaSoft will make one micro loan per day during March to women business owners around the world.

VanillaSoft Sponsors the Sales Lead Management Association

Dallas, TX – (February 2nd, 2012) – VanillaSoft announced today that it will continue its sponsorship of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). The SLMA provides industry resources to its members at no charge and has become an important stop for organizations of all sizes seeking news, tips, training and humor as they relate to sales lead management.

VanillaSoft Inc. Selects Jackson Marketing Services

Dallas, TX – (January 18th, 2012) – VanillaSoft Inc. announced that it has selected Jackson Marketing Services to support its online marketing and awareness initiatives. Jackson Marketing Services will develop and execute social media programs to supports VanillaSoft’s overall sales and marketing plan.

VanillaSoft makes its 150th Kiva Micro Loan in 2011

VanillaSoft announced today that it has reached and passed 150 Micro loans made through Kiva. At the beginning of 2011 VanillaSoft selected Kiva micro lending as its 2011 social community initiative and uses Kiva as the platform to make micro loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe.

VanillaSoft Announces the Release of a “Lite” Version of their Flagship Product

Dallas, TX – (Nov 17th, 2011) – VanillaSoft announced the release of two “Lite” versions of their flagship product serving the CRM-Lead Management space. VanillaSoft, a long term leader in the space, released VanillaSoft Lite and Lite Plus with auto dialing. The Lite products will have a starting price of $16.00 per month on an annual basis or $25 on a month to month. These new products are well suited to individual sales people or small teams that are budget conscious.

VanillaSoft Supercharges their Appointment Setting Module

Dallas, TX – (July 28th, 2011) – VanillaSoft announced the release of new features within their Appointment Setting Software platform. The new features further enhance VanillaSoft’s offering to companies engaged in setting appointments for their own in-house sales team or for professional service bureaus setting appointments for their clients.