VanillaSoft Offers AutoDialing Support for Covad Users

Dallas, Texas – September 26th, 2008 – VanillaSoft announced today that users of Covad’s VoIP telephone service can now autodial their existing IP phones from within the lead management application. Because the autodialing support is based on Covad’s universal click-to-call functionality any desk phone will be supported. “We’re glad to add autodialing support for one of the leading providers of business VoIP telephone service.

VanillaSoft Launches Telemarketing Software Channel on TMCNET

(Norwalk, CT – September 24, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation today announced that the Telemarketing Software channel, sponsored by VanillaSoft, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program. The channel will promote the importance of Telemarketing Software and how it serves a distinct segment within the call center industry.

VanillaSoft Enhances Customizable Fields and Data Capture

Dallas, TX (May 15th, 2008) – VanillaSoft announces new enhanced functionality for its flagship product, a Web-based lead management system for outbound calling. Callers can now add management-defined customized fields and phone labels within a matter of seconds. In additional to being able to create customized text or menu fields, administrators can now also data type their fields, for example creating number fields and date fields. This opens the possibility of running more complex data management queries to contact data.

VanillaSoft Announces Its New and Improved Call-Activity Dashboard

Plano, TX (July 16th, 2007) – VanillaSoft announces that its lead management system for sales calls now has a new and improved call-activity dashboard. The dashboard displays near real-time information on calling activity by sales person per campaign, even for distributed groups or home-based salespeople. The number of dials made, breakdown of results and the percentage of positive results is displayed and updated every 5 minutes, along with individual LED lights to indicate a sales person’s calling status.

VanillaSoft Announces New Centralized Call Recording

Plano, TX (May 23rd, 2007) – VanillaSoft announces new call recording options for its lead management system for making sales calls. Previously companies have had the ability to record sales calls based on result and store them on a local network drive, making them accessible to anyone with network access to the storage location. With VanillaSoft’s new centralized recording feature, call recordings can now be stored centrally on the main server and are therefore accessible from any computer with internet access.

VanillaSoft Integrates SIP Dialing for Easy Progressive and Preview Dialing Using Standard Softphones

Plano, TX (March 30th, 2007) – VanillaSoft announces an exciting new addition to the auto-dialing features of its Web-based lead management system. Companies can now use the productivity- enhancing progressive and preview dialing features of VanillaSoft in conjunction with Voice over IP (VoIP) and standard softphones such as Skype and Eyebeam by Counterpath. More productive calling is now only minutes away.