Dallas, TX – (May 12th, 2010) – VanillaSoft announced today that its upcoming release scheduled for June 1st will contain new features specifically built to enhance a sales organization’s ability to move contacts within the organization based on result codes. Currently, contacts can be moved from one rep to another, or an appointment or activity can be scheduled by one rep for any member of a team or for the general team.

Dallas, TX – (March 29th, 2010) – VanillaSoft announced today that as part of its social media strategy to continue to create new and innovative channels to connect to customers and prospects a new blog has been created on the company Website. The blog will focus on Inside Sales, technologies deployed by Inside Sales groups, people and process. Genie Parker, media relations, stated; “Many of our customers would like a deeper level of connectivity in addition to just using our product. They are looking to share in the expertise we have gained over the years.

Dallas, TX – (February 3rd, 2010) – VanillaSoft announced today a strategic partnership with VerticalResponse, Inc.. VanillaSoft, an award winning SaaS company that deploys Lead Management software for Inside Sales teams will integrate VerticalReponse’s e-mail platform into their offering. The partnership will enrich the experience of VanillaSoft’s customers by allowing them to manage their mass e-mailing needs within VanillaSoft. Ken Murray, President of VanillaSoft said, “We currently provide robust e-mailing ability built into the VanillaSoft platform.

Dallas, Texas – (January 21st, 2010) – After a three-year absence from the list, Ottawa is proud to resume its position as one of the top seven intelligent communities in the world. The announcement was made yesterday at the annual conference of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in Hawaii. VanillaSoft’s Canadian operation was been in Ottawa/Gatineau since 2005.

Dallas, Texas – (January 13th, 2010) – VanillaSoft Inc. and Aberdeen Group announce the availability of a new research report entitled, “Inside Sales Enablement: Let Them Drink Coffee!” The report clearly reflects that best in class organizations power their inside sales efforts with features and functionality beyond traditional CRM.

Dallas, Texas – (September 23th, 2009) – VanillaSoft announced today that its latest release set for September 25th will include Google Mapping allowing users of VanillaSoft to map the location of contacts and set appointments. In an interview, Ken Murray, founder, stated “this is a very natural progression for us. More and more of our existing customers and new customers are deploying VanillaSoft not only for their inside lead generation and appointment setting efforts but also to their outside field reps.

Dallas, Texas – (July 19th, 2009) – Good news for VanillaSoft users, the lead management software maker announced today that it started supporting Firefox and Safari users. Renowned for making sales calls more productive, VanillaSoft used to be exclusive to the Internet Explorer, but no longer. “Our autodialing feature even works on the iPhone”, says Leonard Sussenbach, VP of Product Development. The iPhone uses Apple’s own Safari browser. “Customers don’t care about the browser.

Dallas, Texas – (June 2nd, 2009) – VanillaSoft announced today that in Q2 2009, it will open up its flagship product to the reseller network. Ken Murray, co-founder and Chairman of VanillaSoft said, “We have thought very carefully about how we want VanillaSoft distributed and introduced to customers. We have always been about the customer experience and dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

Dallas, Texas – September 26th, 2008 – VanillaSoft announced today that users of Covad’s VoIP telephone service can now autodial their existing IP phones from within the lead management application. Because the autodialing support is based on Covad’s universal click-to-call functionality any desk phone will be supported. “We’re glad to add autodialing support for one of the leading providers of business VoIP telephone service.

(Norwalk, CT – September 24, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation today announced that the Telemarketing Software channel, sponsored by VanillaSoft, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program. The channel will promote the importance of Telemarketing Software and how it serves a distinct segment within the call center industry.