Intent, Deeper Personalization & Authentic Content Benefitting From Buyer Insights, Intelligence

As buyers continue to expect more relevant, contextual engagement earlier on in the buying journey from vendors, B2B organizations are digging even deeper into buyer data to ensure they can meet expectations.

The Revolutionary Role of AI in B2B Marketing

Find out how companies like VanillaSoft are making it easier for inside sales teams to use an omnichannel approach to reach business buyers – and set up a cadence and process for efficient interactions.

Lead Management is Dead! Long Live Sales Engagement!

Darryl Praill shares his insights on why lead management is no longer the key to sales success and why sales engagement is the right approach to take in your sales strategy.

Picking The Right Metrics For Your SaaS Sales Dashboard – Software Business Growth

Nicole Hitner interviewed VanillaSoft CMO Darryl Praill about picking the right metrics for your SaaS sales dashboard and how an optimized SaaS sales dashboard should be more than a leaderboard for account executives and SDRs.

VanillaSoft to double Gatineau headcount with $4M funding boost

VanillaSoft announced Thursday it’s getting a $3-million investment from Fonds Régionaux de Solidarité FTQ Outaouais (FRSO) to supplement a recently announced $1-million loan from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

Preferred B2B Communication Channels

Preliminary results from a VanillaSoft survey of 2,000 executives indicated that email is the preferred communication channel.

VanillaSoft Raises $4M to Grow its Sales Team and Leading Sales Engagement Platform

Equity and financing from Canada Economic Development and Fonds Régional de Solidarité recognize innovation and opportunity for global business growth

MarTech Interview with Darryl Praill, CMO, VanillaSoft

The MarTech Interview Series with Darryl Praill, CMO, VanillaSoft is a fun Q&A style chat. It follows a two-part format On Marketing Technology, and This Is How I Work.

VanillaSoft CEO Chats Sales Engagement Evolution, Promoting Change Management & More

Sales enablement is only the first step towards sales success. B2B companies must also ensure that their sales teams are using and fully engaged with the content and tools provided to them.

VanillaSoft Provides Initial Findings on Buyer Engagement Research at AA-ISP Leadership Summit

Ongoing survey of 2,000 executives sheds light on the factors that influence B2B buying decisions
Plano, Texas (April …