VanillaSoft CEO David Hood Receives “Hot Vendor” Award at Aragon Research Hot Vendor, Innovation, and Women in Tech Awards 2018

VanillaSoft received a “Hot Vendor” award at the Aragon Research Hot Vendor, Innovation, and Women in Tech Awards 2018 in Redwood City on December 6. CEO David Hood collected the award, joining other industry leaders including, Highspot, Olono and

VanillaSoft and HG Data to Share “How Sales Engagement Gets You to Revenue Faster” During December 11 Webinar

VanillaSoft will welcome Justin Katagawa, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Operations at HG Data, a global leader in market intelligence for installed technologies, for a free webinar that will discuss “How Sales Engagement Gets You to Revenue Faster” on December 11, 2 p.m. ET.

VanillaSoft’s Darryl Praill Busts the Speed-to-Lead Myth at Sales Development Summit

VanillaSoft joins industry stalwart, industry expert Trish Bertuzzi and others at two-day online summit, December 12-13

VanillaSoft Partners with AA-ISP to Help Shape the Future of Sales Development

VanillaSoft joins traditional industry stalwart as global sponsor of the AA-ISP chapters

3rd Edition – Sales Tech Game Changers Executive Interviews

Everyone wants to know how and whether a sales technology will help them sell more, in less time, at the right price, or with less cost – the 4 Golden Goals of sales organizations. Find out what top executives, like Darryl Praill, have to say in the latest edition of Sales Tech Game Changers.

How E-Commerce SMBs Can Step Up Sales Engagement

Sales engagement” is a term that has been popping up more and more in the sales and marketing world. It’s not a new concept, but the premise around its application has matured over the last few years. So, what is it? Good question. If you want the TL;DR version, it’s the process of engaging with new sales opportunities quickly and persistently, with a cadence designed to connect, using multiple channels such as telephone, email, SMS and social media.

VanillaSoft Beats Outreach, SalesLoft User Satisfaction Ratings in G2 Crowd’s Outbound Call Tracking Product Comparison

VanillaSoft scores high marks in a wide range of categories, including ease of use, estimated time to ROI …

VanillaSoft Recognized as a “Hot Vendor in Sales Engagement, 2018” by Aragon Research

Learn more about VanillaSoft and why it is listed as one of the hottest sales engagement platforms in 2018.

What is Intellective Routing and How Can It Help CRM? [via IT Toolbox]

VanillaSoft has launched a new feature for its sales engagement platform that it is calling Intellective Routing, a CRM innovation that clearly demonstrates how technology is moving beyond the traditional static list of contacts. 

Sales Enablement vs. Sales Engagement: What’s the Difference, and Why You Need Both

The sales and marketing landscape is fast evolving thanks to new technologies that enable sales teams to engage prospects during the sales process. Access to customer data, metrics, and workflow automation makes selling easier. So do you need to purchase sales enablement software…or do you need a sales engagement platform? Do reps make more sales because they are enabled or because they can more easily engage?