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September 2018

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September 2018

Outlook 365 Calendar Synchronization

VanillaSoft users or external agents can sync their Google Calendar with the VanillaSoft calendar, and now this synchronization also works with the Outlook 365 (hosted online) calendar. Once synchronized, the Outlook 365 calendar events of a VanillaSoft user or external agent will be visible to VanillaSoft users/appointment setters in VanillaSoft, helping to ensure that appointments booked in VanillaSoft do not conflict with other scheduled events. In addition, appointments booked in VanillaSoft will also appear in the Outlook 365 calendar of the agent the appointment is booked for.

outlook sync with VanillaSoft
Learn more about Calendar Synchronization

The ability to group Result Codes into categories

For a Project with many result codes, it can sometimes be difficult for a Caller to quickly find the right one. This enhancement gives the Admin the ability to create Result Code categories, making it easier for the Caller to search out and find the right result code.

result category

Improvements to the Result Codes page on the Admin-side

In addition to being able to group Result Codes into categories, we’ve also refreshed the Result Codes page on the Admin side, making it easier to create and manage result codes. In particular, you can now change the sort order of a result code (or a result code category) by dragging and dropping it to a new location.

Improvements to the Manage Users page

It’s now much easier to manage a large number of users on the Manager Users page on the Admin side:

  1. You can now sort the order of any column by clicking the column header, making it much easier to group users by projects or teams.
  2. We’ve removed the auto-save feature that used to trigger each time a new project was selected for a user. This means that an Admin will now be able to make multiple changes, and then can save these changes all at once.

A color can now be fixed to a user or external agent appearing on the calendar

By default, VanillaSoft automatically selects a color to represent each user and external agent appearing on the appointment calendar. However, this color is not fixed and can change as new users and external agents are added or removed.

A ‘User Calendar Color’ dropdown has been added on the Admin side to the Edit User page of each user, and to the Manage External Agents page for external agents, allowing Admins to be able to assign a fixed color to a user or external agent that will never change. By default, the dropdown is set to ‘Automatic’. To assign a fixed color that will not change, change the default setting from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Custom’ and then select a color.

Vanillasoft calendar

Hide closed contacts in the Corporate Contacts view

A “Hide Closed Contacts” checkbox has been added to the Corporate Contacts section on the Caller-side. For a contact that has many associated corporate contacts, checking this box hides those that are closed, so the Caller only sees the contacts being actively engaged.

Learn more about Corporate Contacts

‘Salesforce ID’ has been added as a contact variable

If you are using VanillaSoft with Salesforce, we have added the Salesforce ID as a contact variable to the following pages:

  • Call Scripts
  • Email Templates
  • SMS Templates
  • Mail Merge

The attachments page has been updated with an audio player

We’ve updated the attachments page on the Caller-side with an audio player. When an mp3, wav, wma or m4p file has been attached to a Contact, a Caller can now listen to the audio file directly within VanillaSoft.

audio attachments

Redesigned CMV HUD

We’ve updated the overall look and feel of the VanillaSoft VoIP/CMV Hud.


June 2018

Google Cloud

VanillaSoft moved its servers to the Google Cloud. This move will allow us to provide you with much better application support, especially as it relates to disaster recovery, uptime, and overall service levels.

Prevent a duplicate contact from being added manually

A checkbox has been added on the Admin side of VanillaSoft to the ‘Customize Add/Edit Contact’ page, allowing Admins to turn on a feature that automatically checks for duplicate contacts (based on the phone number) when a Caller manually adds a new contact, or edits an existing contact. When enabled, if any of the phone numbers on the newly entered contact match any of the phone numbers on an existing contact in the same project, the Caller is prompted to select one of the following:

  1. View the duplicate contact
  2. ‘Cancel’ the adding or editing of a contact
  3. ‘Continue’ to add or edit a duplicate contact.

duplicate contacts

Force a delay before a lead can be resulted

Want to delay the resulting of each Contact to ensure your callers are working each lead appropriately?

A checkbox has been added on the Admin side of VanillaSoft to the bottom of the Results Code page stating, “Prevent the Caller from resulting newly routed Contacts for ▢ seconds”. If enabled on a Project, Callers are not able to result a Contact until the specified time has expired for the following scenarios:

  1. When a new Contact routes after the resulting of a previous Contact
  2. When a Caller first logs into VanillaSoft and the first contact is routed
  3. When a contact comes up from a search.

If the Caller attempts to result a contact within the specified time, a message appears stating the amount of time left before the contact can be resulted.

routing delay

Incoming Web Leads enhancements

We have added three new items to the Options section of the Incoming Web Lead page:

  1. Add the ability for the Admin to delay when a new inbound web lead routes
  2. Prevent an incoming web lead from creating a duplicate contact
  3. Update Only (ie. do not add a new contact)

Learn More about Incoming Web Leads

Restrict a Caller from communicating via SMS to manually added contacts

A checkbox has been added on the Admin side to the bottom of the Phone Fields page stating, “Contacts manually added by callers are automatically opted-out of SMS”. When checked, contacts manually added by your Callers are automatically opted-out of receiving SMS messages.

Learn more about SMS messaging in VanillaSoft

Calendar Improvements

  1. The option selected in the ‘View Calendar for’ dropdown on the Calendar page will ‘stick’, meaning the next time the Caller goes to the Calendar, that previously selected project continues to be selected.
  2. A ‘Current Project’ option has been added to the ‘View Calendar for’ dropdown. When selected, the calendar view will always be the project that the caller is currently working on.

April 2018

Option to restrict the My Stats page

Admins can now restrict the access of Callers to the My Stats page. To do this, go to the Active Users page and remove the access for a Caller under the ‘My Stats Page” column.

‘Integrations’ section added to the Admin Permissions page of each Admin-Combo user

A new ‘Integrations’ section has been added to the Admin Permissions tab on the Edit User page of each Admin-Combo, giving the Account Admin the ability to control access to each integration feature.

The ability to inactivate individual phone numbers via a mass update.

Admins can now inactivate a certain phone number type for a large number of contacts via a mass update in Contact Management. For example, if you have multiple contacts that you no longer want to be reached by the cell phone number, you can inactivate the cell phone number field without permanently removing it. To allow for this, Contact Management now shows a status field for each phone field type.

Learn more about Contact Management

Audio Review page enhancements

  1. A ‘Team’ field has been added as a selection in the Audio Review search criteria to both the Caller and Admin side when there is at least one team on the Project.
  2. The following columns have been added to the Audio Review results table: Contact Name; Company; Contact’s Team (if the project has at least one team set up)

Variables in Fixed Web Tabs

This enhancement allows for Contact Variables to be used so that a fixed web page shown in a panel can change based on the contact being viewed.

‘Country Code’ has been added to Reporting

You are now able to include country code when defining a report.

New fields added to Web Leads and Zapier

  • Scheduled Call Date
  • Scheduled Call Time
  • Scheduled Call User
  • Scheduled Date & Time
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

January 2018

Restrict specified email templates to certain teams

Now an Admin can restrict email templates to certain teams, in addition to previously being able to restrict custom tabs, result codes and call scripts.

Word DocX support on MailMerge Contacts in Contact Management

Now both PDF and Word DocX documents can be used as a template for Mail Merge contacts in the Contact Management page.

VanillaSoft’s voice drop now works on Mac computers

Learn more about VanillaSoft’s Voice Drop feature

Send emails from a specific Project using your own outgoing email server (SMTP)

You can now send emails from VanillaSoft using your own outgoing email server (SMTP) on a per project basis, allowing you to adopt project specific personas and trigger project specific email campaigns.