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There are many factors that go into choosing the right sales CRM software for your call center. Ultimately, the goals are to make your inside sales team more productive, more efficient, and to increase sales. If accelerating productivity, minimizing expenses, and complete flexibility is something that your inside sales team is interested in, then look to VanillaSoft. Its comprehensive suite of automated features streamline your operations to make selling easy. You can train new sales reps in as little as 15 minutes, and VanillaSoft’s revolutionary total view interface lets reps easily connect with prospects by displaying all the information needed to make a sale on one screen. They can view contact history, scripts, maps, research, and more! This minimizes distractions and gives sales reps the advantage to get more sales.


VanillaSoft’s outbound calling features ensure success by giving call centers everything needed to speed up the sales process and manage leads. The outbound advantage starts with an easy-to-use interface and short training session, and ends with priority routing, dynamic reporting, and automated follow-up – converting more leads into sales.

Increase Productivity with Two Types of Auto Dialing

With VanillaSoft, there are two types of auto dialing to meet your needs: progressive and preview dialing. You can acquire VoIP phone lines to use with a USB headset and most IP desk phones such as Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Aastra, and Panasonic. Using CTI (computer telephony integration) technology, VanillaSoft synchronizes your computer and telephone interactions in the cloud to reduce costs and efficiently route calls. Like GPS, VanillaSoft is designed to keep your leads in motion until they reach the final destination. With automated routing, leads cannot be lost or ignored. VanillaSoft will track and report on the status of every lead. You can increase call productivity from 35 to 100%.

Progressive Dialing

Progressive dialing streamlines the calling process by automatically dialing the next contact in the queue the moment the current call is complete. This dramatically increases productivity and removes the dead time from the calling process. In addition, queue-based lead routing lets managers customize and control leads to ensure that the next-best lead pops up on the caller’s screen as soon as the current call is complete.

Preview Dialing

Preview dialing, sometimes called click-to-call, lets sales reps control when the call is made by previewing the contact information first. This is often used for follow ups or more complex sales calls where prior contact may have been made. Valuable insight can be gained from a review of the record that will enhance the sales call, or research on social media connections prior to the dial. When sales reps are ready, they just click to dial the call.

Leave the Perfect Message Every Time

With just one click, sales reps can drop the perfect, prerecorded message on voice mails and answering machines by using VanillaSoft’s Voice Drop feature. Since the message is prerecorded, you can ensure that the narrator’s voice comes across sounding fresh and clear, with no throat clearing, or embarrassing memory lapses. In turn, sales reps are relieved of the tedious, repetitive task of creating a great message on-the-fly, and are free to do what they do best: talking with people about your products and services!

Customize Workflow: Queue-based Routing for Users or Teams

Queue-based lead routing is at the heart of VanillaSoft, ensuring that all leads are worked by the right person at the right time. It is a powerful tool for administrators, because they can customize and control how leads are worked, so that the top priority leads pop up on the caller’s screen as soon as the current call is completed, creating a more efficient workflow and eliminating the opportunity for reps to cherry pick leads.You can set up result codes that automatically trigger lead assignment or reassignment to contact owners and teams. Leads moving through your customized workflow will spin to the right salesperson or team as they move through the pipeline.

Logical Branch Scripting Multiplies Your Sales Success

VanillaSoft enables you to create different scripts for different teams, users, or call situations. Dynamic scripts branch out to effectively handle different call interactions to increase the possibility of a sale. Take the script of your top producing sales rep and make it a part of the script for all sales reps on your team, giving them the edge on sales calls, and therefore multiplying your chance for success. VanillaSoft’s logical branch scripting feature can multiply your sales success and communicate to your target audience more effectively.


VanillaSoft’s inbound call features streamline the production process. Efficiently track incoming calls and increase production with computer telephony integration (CTI) screen pops and automatic call distributor (ACD) customized routing queues. Sales reps can get immediate access and prioritize information to enhance the customer experience.

CTI Screen Pops Build Great Customer Relationships and Save Time

Your agents can deliver the quintessential customer experience by knowing instantly who’s calling with VanillaSoft’s inbound CTI screen pops. When a salesperson receives an inbound call, VanillaSoft searches for data, based on the caller ID number. If a contact is found in the database, a screen pop will appear to indicate that the caller has been identified. With just one click, the salesperson can go into the contact record and view details and previous notes. If the prospect isn’t in the system, the rep can just click a button to add for the next time.

Knowing who is calling before taking a call helps sales reps be more prepared to connect with prospects and customers, and relieves them of having to annoy customers by verifying repetitive information, such as contact information and account number during the call. This also saves the sales rep 15-20 seconds per call, since they don’t have to look up the information.

Real-time HUD Increases Visibility and Connections

Get real-time visibility at a glance with our VoIP HUD (heads-up-display). Using HUD (heads-up display) makes it easy to connect within your call center.

  • Chat with individuals or set up groups to instant message
  • Make live, hot transfers with the ability to introduce and then disconnect
  • Set up conference calls
  • View current status of each user

Use ACD Queues and Seamless Call Transfers to Increase Production

When using our VoIP, VanillaSoft can seamlessly route incoming calls to different routing queues. This enables you to guarantee that all calls are handled by the appropriate team, agent, or department. Using an ACD ensures that calls are routed based on a management’s predefined call flow. These queues lead to faster responses to calls, fewer abandoned calls, and seamless transfers to the right agent. Studies show that organizations that prioritize the customer contact experience generate 60% more revenue. There are four different routing options: round robin routing, simultaneous routing, sequential routing, and skills-based routing.


VanillaSoft gives you complete visibility into your entire sales process, giving managers the tools they need to optimize productivity. Get reports for analysis, and monitor sales reps in real time, at each stage of the sales cycle. VanillaSoft’s dynamic call-activity dashboard and web reporting lets you build your own views and reports for comprehensive analysis. Group, sort and filter contacts using a multitude of fields. There has never been an easier system that is so thorough.

Dynamic Reporting Wizard

Easily report on the results of your sales campaigns using VanillaSoft’s Web Reports Wizard. With dynamic web reporting, all leads can be grouped and reported on by a host of fields, such as lead source, date, user, and results. You can run a wide variety of reports in seconds to improve sales, including:

  • Sales pipeline reports to know where leads are in the sales cycle
  • Sales breakdown by lead source, salesperson or team
  • Call information or script responses
  • Call-activity reports
  • Leads past due

In addition, you can create advanced reports on call activity. Find out the total calls coming in within a certain time frame, and the average handle, talk, and hold time. You can also run reports on call history, teams, your top-ten performers, etc. This provides you with valuable information to evaluate your inside sales team and make improvements.

Easily Monitor Live Calls in Real Time or Listen to Recorded Calls

Quickly and easily monitor your sales campaign in real time with VanillaSoft’s Call-activity Dashboard. Directly impact customer interactions as they happen with live monitoring and eavesdrop. Our unrivaled, state-of-the-art call recording feature actually marries the digital recording to the contact record. In addition, the visual dashboard allows you to look at your data and users graphically in a presentation-ready format. Graphs will display results by project and date range. See real-time calling statistics for each campaign broken down by lead source, call result, or result group. In addition, you can run the dashboard for different time periods to see historical results.


Call Center Solutions at a Glance
Auto Dialing Two types of auto dialing to meet your needs. Progressive dialing speeds up the sales process and increases productivity so that sales reps receive a continuous stream of next-best leads based on queue-based routing rules. Preview dialing lets sales reps control when the call is made by previewing contact information and doing research before dialing
Voice Drop Sales reps can leave the perfect message every time with prerecorded voice mails
Queue-based routing Enables managers to use smart routing to prioritize leads for sales reps so that the most important leads are sent first
Logical Branch Scripting Dynamic scripts branch out to effectively handle and display responses to different objections to increase the possibility of a sale
CTI Screen Pops Searches for the contact in your system when receiving an incoming call to pull up the call record details and previous notes
HUD Instantly see who’s calling and available to take calls with a pop up display
Chat Instantly communicate with groups or individuals through pop-up text messages
ACD Queues Seamlessly routes incoming calls to different calling queues based on predefined algorithms
Web Reports Wizard Quickly run reports by lead source, date, user, results, inbound call data, and more
Call-activity Dashboard Easily monitors call activity for sales reps, sale campaigns and more,  in real time
Manage Your Call Queue with Result Codes

Key Features

  • Progressive dialing increases call productivity from 35-100%
  • Train new employees in as little as 15 minutes
  • Queue-based lead routing gives managers complete control over leads and prevents cherry picking
  • CTI screen pops save time by instantly displaying contact information for incoming calls
  • Dynamic scripting duplicates the most effective script to respond to sales objections
  • Monitor call activity in real time with live monitoring and eavesdrop

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