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VanillaSoft’s innovative appointment-setting feature gives your team the edge on the latest in appointment-setting technology. It’s easier than ever for sales reps to set appointments, with less time, effort and errors. Incorporate state-of-the-art functionality to promote better qualified, and more appointments for your inside team, outside sales team, or clients. VanillaSoft offers unparalleled lead routing married to amazing calendaring functionality to take the lead and put callers in the driver’s seat for appointment-setting efficiency.

Easily Book Appointments in Proximity to Existing Appointments

It’s easier than ever to set appointments in proximity to each other based on the sales rep’s zip/postal code. The Proximity for Appointment Setting Calendar feature enables appointment setters to view sales reps’ calendars and set appointments based on close proximity to existing appointments. You can specify proximity based on a preset radius in miles from the zip code. All appointments within that proximity are highlighted, making it easy to identify the perfect spot to book a new appointment. VanillaSoft’s proximity feature maximizes time efficiency for sales reps, so instead spending hours driving and waiting, they’re talking to potential clients.

Target Lead Routing to Maximize ROI

VanillaSoft lets your appointment setters filter their call queue on-the-fly based on a wide array of factors, such as geographic parameters, company size, industries, etc. Filter by any field of data added to your account. Use call queue routing filters to capitalize on sales opportunities to increase the possibility of sales and maximize ROI.

Automated Calendaring Makes Appointment Setting Easy

Let VanillaSoft’s sophisticated calendaring features do all the work to clearly communicate availability, quotas, and placement of appointments on the calendar. This frees the appointment setter to smoothly continue conversations while remaining organized. You can easily set the duration of each individual appointment by simply clicking and dragging. This is perfect when different appointment durations are required. Unavailable times are automatically blocked to prevent the embarrassment of double booking. The calendar is focused on driving better qualified appointments, and most importantly, more appointments, offering unparalleled lead routing married to amazing calendaring functionality.

Combine Multiple Calendars for a Seamless Total View

Increase visibility by combining multiple calendars into a single view for complex appointment-setting campaigns. Appointment setters can see their calendar, team calendars, and individual team member’s calendars in a view that best suits their needs. This allows for more fluid appointment setting and puts all of the tools, views, leads, and appointment recipients into a seamless view, enabling appointment setters to more efficiently set appointments instead of searching for open slots.

Eliminate Time Zone Errors

Master the time zones. Appointment setters have the ability to view calendars in their time zone, the appointment recipient’s time zone, or the target contact’s time zone. They can easily change the view ensuring that the time zones for the appointment setter, salesperson and prospect are in sync. This will virtually eliminate confusion and missed bookings due to time zone errors. You can color code appointments by different groupings to ensure that even the most complex, heavily booked calendar will be easy to read, navigate and manage. Save time with team appointment setting.

Set appointments for sales reps on a team basis. For example, if you have a team of reps divided geographically, or by product, you can pull up multiple calendars by team to see who’s available, and then book an appointment on the general team calendar. Setting appointments by team saves time for appointment setters since they don’t have to go into several calendars and search for availability. You can also easily add appointments to a team’s calendar for later printing and distribution as leads to team members.

Automatically Email Calendar Invitations and Reminders

When your users set an appointment you may have automatic email calendar invitations sent to outside sales reps and the lead, simultaneously allowing your staff to do two tasks at the same time. This leaves appointment setters free to make more calls and set more appointments, instead spending time and effort sending emails. This is also great for making sure that a lead remembers your appointment and does not book something else in the spot!

Afterwards, you can drip email reminders at specified intervals. Automatic appointment reminders can reduce missed appointments by an average of 30%, therefore increasing the possibility of closing the deal.

Track Appointments Results with Sophisticated Reporting

Know what’s going on with appointments throughout the sales cycle. Run reports to see what appointments are booked and the results of the appointment when entered by the sales rep. VanillaSoft’s platform has the functionally to follow the appointment to close, with unique result codes that track the appointment and results.

Appointment Setting at a Glance
Automated Calendaring Increases appointments by reducing work, freeing appointment setters from time-consuming tasks and enabling them to communicate availability, quotas, and placement of appointments on the calendar more effectively
Multiple Calendars Increases visibility so appointment setters can see their calendar, team calendars, and individual team member’s calendars in a view that best suits their needs
Time Zones Eliminate time zone errors by easily changing the calendar view to sync time zones in different areas
Reporting Keep track of appointments and results throughout the sales cycle
Proximity Booking Easily book appointments for sales reps in close proximity to existing appointments on their calendar based on zip code
Email Notifications Automatic email notifications and reminders save time to help increase revenue by automatically sending emails for appointments, allowing sales reps to make more calls instead of sending emails
Lead Routing Maximizes return and increases appointment setting success by routing specific leads to appointment setters
Manage Your Call Queue with Result Codes

Key Features

  • Automatically set, route and sync appointments and changes on multiple calendars
  • Set appointments in close proximity, based on the sales rep’s zip codes
  • View appointments in different time zones
  • Total access to any calendar on any Internet-capable device
  • Book appointments for both individuals and teams
  • Automatically receive reminders before the appointment
  • Set appointments based on proximity to other appointments or geographic areas
  • Send automated email notifications to sales reps or contacts
  • Maximize return with lead routing

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