Have you ever wished you could take your top performer and make all your reps speak the same way? Leave voice mails the same way? Close the same way? With VanillaSoft you CAN!

Finding a successful message is meaningless if you can not replicate it. With VanillaSoft's call center scripting software you can easily create and update scripts on-the-fly. Your Reps will always see the most updated script on their heads-up-display. No more thick binders to thumb through trying to find that objection buster. No more clutter spread out on desks or pinned up in cubicles. No more confusion about if the most current script is being used.


Logical Branch Scripting And On-board Messaging

VanillaSoft guides a salesperson through logical, smart calls leading to repeatable, predictable results. Research has proven that intelligent dialogs significantly increase the effectiveness of a call.

  • Create a base script with branches that allow the user to follow the flow of the call based on the responses gathered
  • Put objections and rebuttals at your salespeople's fingertips
  • Gather information quickly and easily through click-to-gather or input responses
  • Feed information from script responses directly into your custom fields
  • Filter queries and reports by script responses gathered
  • Create team-based scripts to tailor the script to the correct stage in the cycle


Call Center Scripting Software