VanillaSoft gives you the tools to record and listen to calls, but also allows managers to directly impact customer interactions as it happens with Live Monitoring. Our unrivaled, state-of-the-art call recording feature actually "marries" the digital recording to the contact record. On top of that you can query your recordings based on the date, caller and even the outcome of the call!


Intelligent Call Recording

VanillaSoft's unique recording option actually 'marries' the recording to the contact record and works with corded phones and many soft-phones:

  • Access and listen to recordings from anywhere with Internet access
  • Search recordings by salesperson, call result, or call date
  • Find a recording directly from a contact record
  • Recordings are stored online for 3 months and can be downloaded for archiving purposes
  • Can be used with remote salespeople or in a central office

Recording is perfect for quality control, order verification, training and compliance purposes.


Recording Software

Monitor and Eavesdrop

Perfect for real time training and verification. This feature gives you the ability to:
  • Access live phone conversations from anywhere over the Internet
  • Monitor allows you to listen or eavesdrop on the conversation
  • Whisper allows you to talk one-way with the user or the customer
  • Join allows you full, all-way conversation

This feature requires both CRM licenses and VanillaSoft’s VoIP phone lines.


Recording Software