Perfectly route and distribute your leads with VanillaSoft's queue-based routing and lead-integration tools. First, VanillaSoft ensures that new Web leads, trigger leads or purchased leads are handled and routed in the most productive manner. Next, your leads are placed back in the call queue in order of importance based on the result of the call!

Use our routing template or customize your own. Our consultants are standing by to train and advise you to make sure you have the best queue-based routing workflow for your business needs.

Automating this process leaves your reps free from hunting and pecking from a list of leads and deciding who to call next. Based on priorities set by management, this unique feature of VanillaSoft enables the next-best lead to instantly route in the queue to a user’s desktop, and be implemented by sales reps, based on their most recent contact. VanillaSoft will literally ‘push’ the next-best lead to call to the top position leading to more quality conversations and more sales.

Automatically Route the Next-best Lead to Call

Unlike most CRM tools that can actually be a distraction from making the next call, VanillaSoft's next-best-call routing enables salespeople to perform at the highest level of productivity. Management simply defines call result codes that tell the system where to place that lead back into the queue. Build your custom queue based on qualifiers, call results, routing logic, and workflow priorities. The system automatically implements consistent workflows across the entire sales team.

  • Increase call volume by 35-100%, even with manual dialing while maintaining CRM functionality
  • Choose between different default routing orders and filters
  • Apply management insight and logic to the sales process through Salesforce automation (SFA) functionality
  • Assign leads to specific individuals or teams
  • Move leads automatically through different sales levels and teams
  • Prioritize leads in order of call importance
  • Automatically handle scheduled callbacks
  • Automatically handle time zones for national calling
  • Call valuable incoming Web leads, or trigger leads within seconds of receiving them
  • View your actual calling queues on an individual or team basis


Inbound Web-Leads

Receive your Web Leads or Trigger Leads in real-time directly into your VanillaSoft campaign from a form on your Web site or from many online lead suppliers. VanillaSoft can deliver the lead to your rep in under 3 seconds.

  • Setup up incoming form posts or XML posts to bring lead data into VanillaSoft instantly
  • Route Web Leads as a priority, allowing them to be called within seconds of being received
  • Set up an auto-response email to incoming Web Leads to acknowledge reception
  • Configure outgoing forms or XML posts to send information to other systems based on the result of a call


Sales Lead Integration

Outbound XML Posting

Posting outbound web leads gives you the power to send information automatically out of VanillaSoft in the form of an XML post. This can be used to integrate information from your VanillaSoft account with your other software systems that accept XML posts (i.e. hosted CRMs) or into local systems or databases using a Web service.

This gives you the ability to post new contacts or simply update an existing contact with updated information collected in VanillaSoft from your calling campaign based on your pre-determined trigger.


Sales Lead Integration

Team-Based Selling

VanillaSoft offers a unique set of features that are perfect for multi-level sales processes while still driving productivity and ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks:

  • Create multiple teams and move contacts automatically from one level to another
  • Design team-specific result codes for lead management and reporting
  • Team-specific scripting allows your salespeople to always stay on message
  • Limit admin and user access on a project and team basis

It has never been easier to get the productivity of next-best-lead routing and the peace of mind of robust lead management in a multi-level sales process.


Sales Lead Integration

VanillaSoft Salesforce.com App

Sales Lead Integration

Are you a salesforce.com customer but have a team that relies heavily on outbound calls to drive business? No worries! VanillaSoft has an App on the Salesforce App Exchange making it a cinch.

VanillaSoft’s Salesforce App allows you to easily move data back and forth between your salesforce.com account and your VanillaSoft account. Take advantage of VanillaSoft’s award-winning features for boosting calling productivity, quality and visibility while utilizing salesforce.com’s powerful CRM features for account management. The app allows you to move groups of contacts from your Salesforce account into VanillaSoft for sales, prospecting or appointment setting calls and then automatically update the contacts in salesforce.com with the calling results. Conversely, start your prospecting in VanillaSoft and automatically move qualified leads into salesforce.com for follow-up by your account team. Whatever your process you can boost your results by gaining access to our many features including:

  • Next-best-lead routing
  • Auto dialing
  • Call recording
  • Real-time calling statistics
  • Lead scoring
  • Appointment setting
  • Team-based selling

... and much more!