Call-Activity Management Dashboard

VanillaSoft has made it quick and easy to monitor your sales campaigns with our call-activity dashboard:

  • See real-time calling statistics for each campaign and each user, broken down by result group or call result
  • See calling results per campaign broken down by lead source
  • Run the dashboard for different time periods to see historical results

VanillaSoft also offers a visual dashboard that allows you to look at your data and users graphically in a presentation-ready format. Graphs will display by project and date range:

  • Total Calls by Lead Source
  • Contact Positives by Lead Source
  • Calls by Result Group
  • Stacked rankings of users by calls attempted, leads closed and positives collected on a per-hour average. See our blog for a discussion on the use of Stacked Rankings


Sales Lead Tracking

Robust Web Reporting

Easily report on the results of your sales campaigns using VanillaSoft's Web Reports Wizard:

  • Build reports on last call information, all call information or use the pre-formatted Call-Activity Report Template
  • Include any of your fields in reporting, including custom fields, call information or script responses gathered during the call
  • Group and filter reports by your choice of fields
  • Generate lead sheets in PDF
  • Export reports to Excel with the click of a button for further analysis

VanillaSoft allows you to build a wide variety of reports, including:

  • Call-activity reports
  • Sales breakdown by lead source, salesperson or team
  • Pipeline report to know where leads currently are in the process
  • Leads past due

And many more...


Sales Lead Tracking

Flexible Data Querying

VanillaSoft gives you the power to "slice and dice" all of your data in order to maximize performance. Imagine the power of centralized data combined with powerful data-selection tools:

  • Build queries based on a combination of any VanillaSoft field including custom fields, call history data and script responses
  • Use 15 different filters to build the perfect query
  • Perform different actions on your query results, including changes to your calling queue, mass-update of fields, Adobe mail-merge, export and mass emailing
  • Save custom queries and edit them later as needed
  • Add more information

VanillaSoft's powerful querying engine can be used in many ways, including:

  • Bringing leads back into the calling queue based on last result code, call date, lead status, etc
  • Prioritizing leads based on income, geography or likelihood to buy
  • Reassigning scheduled appointments or call-backs to another salesperson with one simple click
  • Bringing up all contacts that have opened an email and placing them in a special calling queue

And many more...


Sales Lead Tracking

Lead Scoring

Your sales staff can score and rate leads quickly and easily during a conversation using VanillaSoft's lead scoring functionality. Management can assign scores to menu-driven responses, allowing for the collection of unlimited data points that are then used to calculate a final lead score.

Benefits of Lead Scoring:

  • Take your sales organization well beyond simple lead statuses such as cold, warm and hot
  • Calculate lead score using multiple factors and input fields
  • Provides valuable insight to management on the health of their universe of prospects
  • Provides a more predictable sales funnel
  • Scoring prospects in a complex sales cycle can lead to actionable intelligence, ensuring the highest value leads are worked at the right time by the right team or salesperson


Sales Lead Tracking

Corporate View

Complex selling to multiple contacts within a single organization has never been this easy. VanillaSoft offers a sales person an inside look into multiple contacts within an organization, who has touched those contacts, the results of the touches and complete history. Additionally, smart logical routing has been added allowing the smooth management of assigning sales people to the enterprise, to groups within the enterprise or to individual contacts within the enterprise.

  • Sell to multiple contacts within a single organization
  • Assign organizational contacts to your sales staff with ease
  • All contacts within the organization are displayed on sales person's screen
  • Complete call history by contact is displayed, who made the contact and the results
  • Logical contact routing to the sales person assigned to company
  • Amazing flexibility for complex selling


Sales Lead Tracking

Custom Fields

VanillaSoft allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fields to suit your sales needs:

  • Create unlimited custom fields on a per-project basis
  • Create input, menu or formula fields
  • Data-type your fields for powerful querying: number, currency, percentage and date or date/time
  • Have custom fields always appear on the caller screen or only when there is data
  • Make custom fields directly editable on the caller screen or lock them down
  • Choose which custom fields are available for search
  • Automatically feed script responses into designated custom fields
  • Query and report on all custom fields


Sales Lead Tracking