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Achieve record-setting sales and gain greater visibility into your inside sales operations with VanillaSoft’s award-winning software solution. Business and professional service companies rave about our automated, centralized platform for lead qualification, appointment setting, quote follow-up, and more! VanillaSoft offers feature-rich solutions for businesses in a diverse range of vertical markets.

All features are fully customizable for your business needs. Our first-in-class progressive dialing can increase call activity from 35% up to 100%. The fact is that more contacts equal more sales. And VanillaSoft makes it easy. As soon as one call finishes, another qualified lead is on its way.

It can't get better than that! VanillaSoft's productivity features, like auto dialing, Voice Drop, appointment setting and web reporting provide both volume and quality to accomplish your goals.

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Drive Productivity with Team-based Selling

VanillaSoft offers a unique set of features that are perfect for list segmentation and multilevel sales processes. Your salespeople will increase productivity as you customize our software for specific clients, demographics, and geographic areas specifically matched to their skill set. In turn, your salespeople will be focused on calling the best leads at the best time while working new customers up the pipeline.

  • Create multiple teams and move contacts automatically from one level to another
  • Design team-specific result codes for lead management and reporting
  • Customize scripts for teams to always stay on message
  • Track your leads by segment and lead status through your pipeline
Professional Services Appointment Setting Software



Professional Services Appointment Setting Software
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Auto Dialing Software

VanillaSoft's auto dialing is a powerful addition to lead management, giving the salesperson a continuous supply of next-best leads, with no delay between calls. There's no waiting or choosing which lead to call. This feature dials the next designated lead in the queue after you choose a result for the current call.

Appointment Setting Software

With a state-of-the-art appointment setting module, VanillaSoft leads the way in setting appointments for sales reps in different locations. It enables users to easily manage multiple calendars for sales reps and send notifications when the appointment is set. Access multiple calendars per campaign to view availability and set appointments. VanillaSoft streamlines the appointment-setting process, letting the salesperson focus on what's important — closing the deal!

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