Education Outbound Call Center Software

Dramatically Boost Enrollments

Competition for enrollments is fierce in the education industry. Institutions all across the country are trying to recruit the best students for their schools at the same time. Having the right software for your call center is essential to successfully reaching out and recruiting more students faster, before they decide to go elsewhere.

VanillaSoft supercharges productivity and profits for admissions, fundraising, and tuition payments with a smart, best-in-class system. Our progressive auto dialing, email, and lead management system lets you take charge of your call center operations. Increase talk time from 35% to 100%.

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Centralized Automated System

Dramatically improve enrollments and donations with VanillaSoft’s centralized, automated system. Our education solution increases outbound calls between 35% up to 100% with sophisticated progressive auto dialing, SmartCaller ID, Voice Drop, and email drip marketing. Your sales staff will schedule appointments and gather the required information quickly and easily during a conversation, and in seconds move to the next-best lead in the queue.

VanillaSoft can route web inquiries right after submission, and ensure that all leads are worked in a timely and consistent manner. VanillaSoft’s email drip integrates perfectly with calls and can automatically send emails to contacts based on the last result status, and then continue with the next call in the queue.

Education Outbound Call Center Software



Education Outbound Call Center Software



Customize Messages for Different Audiences

Communicate with your target audience more effectively. Enrollment and informational scripts can be targeted for different campaigns to achieve maximum results, allowing you to personalize messages and follow up on contacts more efficiently.

VanillaSoft enables you to create an unlimited number of custom fields and emails to suit your needs. This is especially important for targeted recruitment.



Spotlight Features

Email Marketing Software

VanillaSoft features powerful email marketing options. Missed a contact? No problem. Now you can automatically send emails upon a web inquiry, or right after you finish a call based on the result of the call. Send emails using predetermined templates, or create your own personal email. In addition, VanillaSoft’s e-Gen will alert you after the email is opened and send the customer to the right place for follow up. Add our email drip and email blast and you'll have the whole package!

Appointment Setting Software

With a state-of-the-art appointment module, VanillaSoft leads the way in communicating with admissions representatives in different locations. It enables users to easily manage multiple calendars for reps. Access multiple calendars per campaign to view availability and set appointments. Avoid overbooking and instantly send out calendar notifications to attendees by setting special parameters.

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Education Outbound Call Center Software