Home Improvement Appointment Setting Software


Get the Edge on Customer Satisfaction

The home improvement industry is very competitive. From remodeling to construction, creating satisfied customers is essential for obtaining new leads and referrals. You need the right software to manage multiple lead types and enable you to convert more leads into sales. VanillaSoft makes the process easier and more productive.

Our comprehensive, award-winning software solution helps you close more deals faster. VanillaSoft enables salespeople to seamlessly manage everything, from appointment setting, estimates, and project completion, to follow-up, adding value and strength to each customer relationship.

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Make Every Lead Count

Often what makes the difference for successful home improvement call centers and those that falter comes down to the way leads are handled and the efficiency in which those raw contacts are turned into appointments. Whether your workers are fixing a roof or replacing hail-damaged windows, when opportunity knocks for a new lead in a neighboring home, it's important to have a great follow-through process.

Turning referrals, canvassed leads, and cold calls into quotes, then into sales, is a painstaking process. VanillaSoft is the solution. Our comprehensive appointment-setting and lead-management features give your company the right tools to effectively qualify leads, set appointments, and track prospects every step of the way. VanillaSoft's centralized, automated system optimizes your company's time and speeds up the sales process.

Home Improvement Appointment Setting Software



Home Improvement Appointment Setting Software
Spotlight Features

Auto Dialing Software

VanillaSoft's most popular feature is our progressive auto dialing. Your team doesn’t have to waste another second before making the next call. The lead is automatically routed and dialed, removing the dead time between calls from the production process. If you get an answering machine, no problem, our Voice Drop feature keeps you front and center. Just think about the possibilities... An average call center can increase their productivity by 35% to 100%.

Appointment Setting Software

VanillaSoft has a state-of-the-art appointment-setting module. You can easily set home improvement appointments for your outside sales team. Sales reps get an automatic notification when an appointment has been set, with a specified number of appointments per day for each salesperson. VanillaSoft leads the way in communicating with sales reps in different locations. It enables appointment setters to easily manage multiple calendars for different reps. In addition, you can instantly send out calendar notifications to attendees by setting special parameters. With options like these your salespeople have just the right tools to do what they do best — make sales!

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