Insurance Sales CRM Software

Make a Great First Impression

The insurance industry hasn’t fared well for customer satisfaction. According to recent surveys, the level of satisfaction has dropped significantly in recent years. Creating good relationships is essential to making sure your customers are happy and renew their policies. From initial contact to the latest transaction, your company must create a great first impression and engage customers throughout the sales process.

VanillaSoft helps you connect like never before with our sales CRM software. Be the first to contact a lead. Insurance companies value VanillaSoft for its fast follow-up on new live web leads, and the advantage of efficiently working purchased lists of qualified leads.

VanillaSoft automates the sales process and creates greater visibility for customers with Voice Drop, email marketing, and lead management. Instead of focusing on the process, your salespeople focus on what matters, creating a great first impression that lasts.

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Maximize Revenue with Up and Cross Sales

It is important to deliver highly effective experiences that span multiple channels in the insurance industry. VanillaSoft's sales CRM software automates the processing of referrals, inquiries, and requests.

Increase cross sales and up sales through interdepartmental referrals, timely follow-up, and tracking account activity. If your customers are already satisfied with your company's auto insurance, easily maximize revenue by signing them up for homeowners insurance or adding another family member to the policy. Representatives can instantly receive intercompany referrals or third-party leads with our web lead integration.

Insurance Sales CRM Software



Insurance Sales CRM Software
Spotlight Features

Lead Integration

VanillaSoft jump starts the lead process with our live web lead integration. Receive your web leads or trigger leads in real time, directly into your VanillaSoft campaign from a form on your website or any online lead supplier.

New leads are immediately routed to the right person for fast, easy follow-up. As the new lead moves up the process, the referrer or lead source can be instantly be notified of the current lead status.

Voice Drop

VanillaSoft streamlines the message process with Voice Drop. With just one click you can drop your own prerecorded, personalized message while moving to the next call in the queue. Your sales reps will no longer have to worry about creating the perfect message with the right wording on the fly. It will be already done.

Voice Drop increases the productivity and quality of calls. In turn, your reps are relieved of this tedious, repetitive task and are free to do what they do best — connect with customers and promote your products!

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