Manufacturing and Product Sales Automation Software

Develop New Relationships in the Evolving Marketplace

Manufacturing and product sales is ever changing. In today’s society consumers have increased influence over the adoption and success of new products and services, forcing manufacturers to develop new relationships. Your company must have its finger on the pulse to proactively ensure that your business keeps on track as the market evolves. Keeping in touch with your customers is priority number one to stay ahead of the game.

Provide your sales reps with the information they need to reach out to customers in real time. VanillaSoft’s sales automation software solution gives you all the right tools to efficiently contact customers and manage your call center operations. Reach more customers faster and improve workflow with our state-of-the-art progressive dialing, reporting, and voice drop.

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Improve Performance and Profitability

VanillaSoft makes a measurable impact on the manufacturing and product sales industry. It replaces complexity with simplicity, streamlining your sales process every step of the way. Our software solution has a proven track record of increasing sales, driving a higher performance from sales teams and even improving customer retention rates.

Boost productivity by eliminating tedious paper-based administration for your call center and automate key business processes with our cloud-based features. Track all activity, interactions and communications in one central location. From prospecting for new customers to retaining current customers or taking the first order to calling for up sales and re-orders VanillaSoft’s complete software solution has proven features that are easy to use, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Manufacturing and Product Sales Automation Software



Manufacturing and Product Sales Automation Software
Spotlight Features

Appointment Setting Software

Easily set manufacturing and product sales appointments for your outside sales team. VanillaSoft has a state-of-the-art appointment-setting module. Our software solution leads the way in communicating with sales reps in different locations. It enables appointment setters to easily manage multiple calendars for different reps.

In addition, you can instantly send out calendar notifications to attendees by setting special parameters. With options like these your salespeople have just the right tools to do what they do best — make sales!

Call Activity Dashboard

VanillaSoft makes it quick and easy to monitor your sales campaigns with our real-time management dashboard. Our visual dashboard enables you to look at your data and users graphically in a presentation-ready format.

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