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There is more competition than ever before in the media and communications industry. It is constantly evolving with the Internet age, covering everything from traditional and classified advertising, subscriptions, and renewals, to Web advertising, eBooks, webinars, and social media. Your company must reshape the way it interacts and stay fresh in the customer’s mind to get noticed.

VanillaSoft offers an innovative lead management software solution for media and communication call centers that keeps your company on board with the latest technology. Clients find our progressive auto dialing, queue-based lead management, and email marketing instrumental in increasing sales, so your production team can concentrate on calling the best leads at the right time. VanillaSoft automates the sales process and keeps your company front and center.

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Boost Your Bottom Line with Email Marketing

When managing subscriptions and renewals, it’s essential to stay front and center in customers’ minds to get more sales. VanillaSoft makes email marketing easy. Build strategies and communicate with customers between calls, based on the result of the call, and automatically send emails in real-time or drip campaigns.

Reach out to subscribers or advertisers using predetermined templates, or create your own personal email for maximum effect. In addition, VanillaSoft’s e-Gen will alert you after the email is opened and send the lead to the right place for follow up. Add our email drip and blast to follow up with customers on a timely basis. It’s just that simple – a powerful email package to increase your bottom line!

Media and Communications Lead Management Software



Media and Communications Lead Management Software
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Auto Dialing Software

Imagine a seamless stream of calls without interruption. VanillaSoft's progressive auto dialing is your secret weapon to increasing call productivity. Give your sales rep a continuous supply of next-best leads, with no delay between calls. There's no waiting or choosing which lead to call. This feature dials the next-best designated lead in the queue after you choose a result for the current call.

Call Activity Dashboard

VanillaSoft makes it fast and easy to monitor your sales campaigns with our real-time management dashboard. Our visual dashboard enables you to look at your data and users graphically, in a visual, presentation-ready format:

  • Calls by result group
  • Total calls by lead source
  • Contact positives by lead source
  • Stacked rankings of users by calls attempted, leads closed and positives collected on a per-hour average.

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