Merchant Services Sales Lead Tracking

A Complete Solution for Merchant Services

The merchant services industry is highly competitive. It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time and consistently being in touch. To keep pace, your call center needs Web-based technology to run more efficiently, meet merchant requirements, and most importantly, reduce running costs.

VanillaSoft’s complete software solution for the merchant services industry was built to increase productivity. Merchant services companies find VanillaSoft invaluable when setting appointments for both outside and inside sales reps. Your team can be more productive and concentrate on the best leads for your needs, whether by geography or industry, and call the right people at the right time.

Start with our automatic lead distribution that perfectly distributes the next lead in the queue right after the last call is complete; next, add our revolutionary appointment-setting module; then finish by closing the transaction and reporting on the results with our Web Reports Wizard.

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The Power of Simplicity

VanillaSoft makes it easy to manage your call center. It only takes 15 minutes to train a new salesperson. Our software solution keeps your sales reps busy and leads in motion with our progressive auto dialing. Never lose another lead! You can easily track all merchant-related communications and documentation so you can focus on closing the deal. Like GPS, VanillaSoft pinpoints the location and tracks the status of every lead, every time.

In addition to tracking, you can report on the results of your sales campaigns using VanillaSoft's Web Reports Wizard. Build and customize reports based on call information, lead source, script responses, etc., then group them based on your needs. It’s clear, VanillaSoft has all the right tools to streamline your call center.

Merchant Services Sales Lead Tracking



Merchant Services Sales Lead Tracking
Spotlight Features

Appointment Setting Software

Make setting appointments for yourself, team members or for external sales people more efficient with VanillaSoft's state-of-the-art appointment-setting module. Our software solution leads the way in communicating with sales reps in different locations. It enables appointment setters to easily manage multiple calendars for different reps. In addition, you can instantly send out calendar notifications to attendees by setting special parameters, like specifying a minimum appointment duration and maximum number of appointments per day. With options like these your salespeople have just the right tools to do what they do best — make sales!

Auto Dialing Software

Create nonstop call continuity with VanillaSoft's most commanding feature — progressive auto dialing. As soon as the user hangs up from one call the next record appears on the screen and the phone number is automatically dialed. There's no waiting, choosing which lead to call, or delay between calls. This feature dials the next assigned lead in the queue after you choose a result for the current call.

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