Non-Profit Phonathon Software

Build a Great Relationship from the First Date

Fundraising plays an important role in our society, touching and enhancing the lives of our community and citizens on a daily basis. In order to collect the funds needed, your organization must engage donors and build relationships. VanillaSoft is your one-stop solution for nonprofit organizations to acquire, upgrade, and retain donors.

VanillaSoft lets you track and manage unlimited data in one centralized, secure, cloud-based account. Segment your constituencies and manage multiple campaigns to ensure that the right caller is calling the right prospects or donors at the right time. Regardless of gift type or donation method, our software solution lets your organization accurately manage every call, gift and pledge.

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Engage Donors with a Compelling Message

It’s no secret that the nonprofit industry operates on a different level. Instead of giving funds to your organization in exchange for a product or service, donors give because they care. Your organization must convince donors that your cause is worthwhile. The best way to engage them is to connect on a higher level through a targeted message they won’t forget.

You can customize scripts for different audiences and update them on the fly. Craft a compelling message that makes donors take notice. Your callers will always see how to handle each objection in the most professional manner. Furthermore, if the contact isn’t available, leave the perfect voice message every time with our prerecorded Voice Drop, or use our state-of-the-art email marketing and drip campaigns for maximum efficiency. With features like these, VanillaSoft makes it easy to connect with donors and raise more funds faster.

Non-Profit Phonathon Software



Non-Profit Phonathon Software
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Auto Dialing Software

It’s simple — more calls equal greater productivity. VanillaSoft's progressive auto dialing provides a continuous stream of calls. Not one second is wasted, ever. As soon as the user hangs up from one call the next record appears on the screen and the phone number is automatically dialed in the queue after you choose a result for the current call. VanillaSoft dramatically increases your productivity and removes the dead time from the calling process.

Data Querying

VanillaSoft’s data querying feature is in a class by itself. Slice and dice your data according to preference, based on any combination of our custom fields, call history, or script responses. You can bring leads back into the call queue based on call date, result code, lead status, etc. Prioritize the most important leads based on geography, income, likelihood to buy, and more! In addition, you can perform different actions on query results, including a mass update of fields, mail merge, changes to your call queue, export, and mass emailing. With options like these, you have all the right tools to create the perfect query and maximize performance.

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