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The telemarketing industry has been completely transformed with the digital age. Manual dialing and paper trails are archaic. Today's telemarketing companies are in search of a state-of-the-art, smart, cloud-based software to help increase productivity, be more efficient, run multiple campaigns, and manage call center operations.

VanillaSoft is the answer for telemarketing call centers in every corner of the globe. Our customers rave that it's simply the most productive, effective telemarketing software for sales teams everywhere. Quickly increase call activity with progressive auto dialing and queue-based lead management. Set more appointments for sales reps in remote locations. From our dashboard, watch the real-time results of all your agents. VanillaSoft has all the right features to enable your sales teams to connect like never before!

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The Perfect Storm for Call Centers

VanillaSoft is the perfect storm for outbound call centers, with an array of nonstop functions that only rest when you do. It was built to turn up the heat on telemarketing operations for optimal productivity and efficiency. Train new sales reps in 15 minutes and even record and monitor their calls. Then VanillaSoft keeps your sales reps busy and leads in motion with our progressive auto dialing and email marketing. Easily track all telemarketing-related communications and documentation. VanillaSoft identifies the exact location and tracks the status of every lead, every time.

When it comes to reports, the forecast is sunny. VanillaSoft's Web Reports Wizard builds reports based on call information, lead source, script responses, etc., and groups and customizes them based on your needs. It’s clear, VanillaSoft has all the right tools to streamline your telemarketing call center so you can concentrate on what’s important, keeping your customers happy.

Telemarketing Call Center Software



Telemarketing Call Center Software
Spotlight Features

Auto Dialing Software

VanillaSoft's progressive auto dialing is a powerful addition to your telemarketing call center. Increase sales by giving your team a continuous supply of next-best leads, with no delay between calls. There's no waiting or choosing which lead to call, ever! This feature dials the next designated lead in the queue after you choose a result for the current call. Your company can increase your call productivity from 35 - 100%.

Call Activity Dashboard

VanillaSoft makes it easy to monitor your sales campaigns. Our management dashboard lets you see calling statistics in real time for each campaign and each user broken down by result group, lead source, or call result. If you need to see figures for a certain period, no problem, run the dashboard for historical results. Present your results in an attractive, presentation-ready format with VanillaSoft's charts. This provides graphs for total calls and contact positives by lead source, calls by results groups, and even stacked rankings of all your user's productivity!

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