See How This Customer Dramatically Increased Productivity

This customer owns and operates 52 career and nursing schools nationwide. Their call center needed a comprehensive solution that would increase productivity and integrate with their current systems.





Greater Management Visibility Under One Platform

TSL Marketing is a multi-channel marketing firm with multiple programs that needed to be managed under one single platform. See how VanillaSoft provided greater visibility and a more efficient workflow across a number of departments and program verticals.





Cloud-based Software Allows These Agents to Work Remotely

AppSet Solutions is a professional appointment-setting service using remote agents to service clients in multiple industries. See how VanillaSoft’s cloud-based software and powerful appointment-setting module allows users to work remotely from home or multiple office locations using a single collaborative platform.





We have never been so successful. Since we started using VanillaSoft we have increased productivity by 175%! Also, working with the VanillaSoft team has been an incredible experience. They helped us customize our campaigns and page layout to fit our unique needs.

Lauren E. Siegel
University of Michigan

"I run a sales team that strictly works over the phone. I looked at a number of call center CRM tools before making my decision. VanillaSoft stuck out because of its smart routing system. The hottest leads are automatically put in front of the reps, forcing them to add good notes or simply close the deal. Also, with VanillaSoft's auto dialing, we have also doubled our talk time. We have become far more efficient – thanks to Vanilla Soft!"

Justin Turpin, Sales Director
Laser Appraiser

We have found VanillaSoft to be exactly what we needed. I tested how quickly I could make a phone call, send an email, and write notes in this compared to other CRMs, and the difference in time is amazing! I highly recommend the product. There is a learning curve to set up your projects but once that happens you are on track to make more connections and have better control over your data. Their customer service is amazing. I have never worked with such a fantastic group of support staff ever!

Laura Jurasek, Director of Outbound Services

I’ve been testing VanillaSoft for one hour now and I am very happy to see that everything works easily and simply and above all: that it’s affordable.

A lot of companies that offer the same kind of products should learn from you guys!

Renée Oirbans

VanillaSoft's Call-Activity Dashboards & Web Reporting keep me up to date on sales and website visits.

Jackie Estevez
Valor Medical Supplies

As a call center outsource, we customize each campaign to meet out clients specific needs. The ability to easily create custom fields is essential to our business model. The data capture and subsequent filtering options enable our callers to efficiently target their next prospect. The ability to auto email captured data to our clients is a great time saver and selling point of our services.

Melissa Almeida
West Coast Call Center

Auto-dialing coupled with intelligent lead routing allow our agents to focus on their core responsibilities and revenue generating tasks. With VanillaSoft our agents can move nearly three times faster than dialing by hand. This is a tremendous advantage!

Dave Capezza

Custom Call Scripting is a huge advantage to shorten the learning curve for newbies and seasoned professionals alike.  Another great time saver is VanillaSoft's time zone calling management feature.

Rob Gainer
Ode Systems Inc

VanillaSoft's call-activity dashboard allows me to see real-time stats necessary to control the center operations.

Carlo Aldemita
Data Strategy BPO Asia, Inc.

VanillaSoft Email templates allow my reps to send emails quickly and easily even while they are still on the phone. The best part is that VanillaSoft keeps track of all of our email history to each customer!

Naomi Stull

Importing leads is so easy! I love the fact that you can save the layout and just return to it each up load sequence. I import for multiple sources and the fact that I can just pick my custom layout each time, makes what used to be a major pain, into a process of extreme ease.

Jeff Bittner

Having people make appointments for my closers and top salespeople has been amazing. Instead of my best salespeople spending hours setting their own appointments, they now receive appointments straight to their calendars. No hassle for them, and they can do what they do best. Sell. It has changed the dynamic of the sales department completely. The appointment setters are motivated to set great appointments. The closers love it, because the sales come in much faster. VanillaSoft allows the appointment setters to reach many more people, making sure that they are never called twice, and that no one is fighting over which contact is theirs. It's a beautiful thing!

Jake Sorenson
All Radiator Supply

The ability to customize some parts of the system to match our needs has been a game changer. Reporting that took us 30 minutes or more to compile with our spreadsheets and database systems now takes less than two minutes to generate with VanillaSoft. David Hood and his team at VanillaSoft have systematically gone above and beyond for us.

Momar Fall
TSL Marketing

The Dashboard shows me immediately how my sales force is doing! I can also look quickly back over any time period and see whether we kept our plan.

John Roeder
The Word Among Us

We have been using VanillaSoft for over 3 years now and I couldn't be more pleased. When we started we saw a fourfold increase in the results of our telesales operation. Leads are up, sales are up and I couldn't be more pleased. What a simple program. It just works!

Jim Kieffer
Action Recovery Online

VanillaSoft allows me to get to the customer before anyone else by calling the newest lead first. I love it!

Paul Marshall
Christensen Financial

VanillaSoft supercharged our call center operations. The speed at which we receive and route our key leads is amazing. VanillaSoft is the complete package!

Joe Sego
Education Affiliates

Our decision to choose the best system for us was not any easy one. There is a lot of competition out there in the end we chose VanillaSoft.  Our account manager was extremely patient, diligent, and knew more about the product he was selling than any sales person I have ever dealt with. You should be proud to have him on your team and he should be the standard by which your sales people are measured.

To say we are impressed with the system is an understatement. As simple as it is to use and administer, we do realize it is a very sophisticated CRM and look forward to seeing the advancements in the years to come. I wish I had something nice to say about tech support, but we have not needed any!

Efrim Gjonbalaj
Next Day Solutions

VanillaSoft's Routing Filters are so easy to use and get results. The ability to zero in on specific targets has resulted in a tremendous increase in productivity. My reps can focus their efforts on dialing the right lead at the right time, and not wasting time thinking about who to call and when. I could go on and on. Three cheers for Routing Filters!

Guy Pidkameny
Insurance Marketing Pros

I am extremely impressed with how easy it was to get started and train my marketers on the VanillaSoft solution. As well, I had a lot of flexibility on how I wanted this program to run for our company. Plus, customer service is EXCELLENT at VanillaSoft. I highly recommend VanillaSoft to anyone!

Jody Weinberg
J Telecommunications

We chose VanillaSoft after an exhaustive two month comparison of 8 CRM solutions, including installation and use of trial versions of the top 3 candidates. I'm extremely pleased with both the product and the support. Our increase in productivity has been so marked I actually am holding off implementing the auto-dial function; I literally don't have enough leads to build calling queues fast enough to keep up with the rep.

Neil Osgood
Vista National

“VanillaSoft is a phenomenal tool for any outbound project, large or small. I am able to generate the reports my clients need at the touch of a finger. VanillaSoft’s BEST tech support people EVER have always been there when I had an issue or just a moment of confusion. Each time I get on the phone with them, I learn something new that VanillaSoft can do, which means something cool I can do! “

Ruth Lee
Sound Telecom

We love your system. It has helped increase our productivity immeasurably. I will be meeting with a number of other prominent Division Leaders from time to time. When I get the opportunity to do so, I will pass along our very positive experience with your company. Thank you very much for your great service and for your great product.

BJ Stewart
US Health