Improve Every Aspect of Your Business

Improve Sales

VanillaSoft’s unique call recording software not only attaches each recording to the contact, but it also associates the recording with the call outcome. This offers inside sales managers the ability to filter recordings by any result code for targeted coaching and training with sales reps.

Ease of Access

Store your call recordings for a given contact along with all associated call history directly with the record for easy access.

Improve Sales

Sort and view recordings by call outcome, specified date range, or by individual sales rep for targeted training and coaching.

Quality Control

See every interaction with a prospect, all in one place – including call recordings, notes, emails, text messages, and contact history for easy review.

Improve Marketing

Give your marketing team access to segmented recording groups that can be used to uncover common pain points, language and messaging that resonated best and resulted in deals won. Our call recording software can help you better understand lead quality, and even get a better sense of the personality characteristics of your targeted buyers. This insight is invaluable to refining marketing messages that lead to better qualified prospects for sales.

Targeted Messaging

Easily filter recordings using information specific to buyer personas – including industry, company size, title, and location.

Improve Lead Quality

Marketing can listen to recordings specific to different lead campaigns that can be useful in refining and improving future campaigns.