Conversations Aren’t Linear – Your Scripts Shouldn’t Be Either


Our logical-branch scripting allows the sales rep to easily adapt to the changes in a conversation with prospects. Build out all the potential responses and objections a prospect may have at each stage of the conversation, then with one click your sales reps will see the appropriate information to handle any direction the conversation may take.



Sound Natural

No matter where the conversation goes, your reps will stay on message without getting lost along the way.

Better Prospect Engagement

Merge personal data about the contact or sales rep into the script to avoid the awkward empty blanks.

Close More Leads

Quick access to objection rebuttals, competitive data, and key differentiators give your reps an edge to close the deal.

Our scripting software gives your reps a gold standard for communicating with prospects:

Logical-branch Scripting

Easily create scripts to guide your salespeople through calls that adapt based on responses.

Team-based Scripts

Create team-based scripts to tailor the message to the correct stage in the sales cycle.

Data Collection

Feed information from script responses directly into your custom fields.

Logical-branch Scripting Cover