10 Use Cases for Using SMS Text Messaging in Sales

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Sales reps — are you using sms text messaging in sales outreach? If not, now is the time to leverage sms to increase lead engagement. After all, your prospects’ inboxes are already overflowing with email. Plus, you can’t always get through on the first (or fourth) phone call. Sending text messages may be just what you need to improve your sales cycle.

There has never been a better time to start testing texting. According to Pew Research Center, cell phone adoption in the United States has grown from 35% in 2011 to 96% in 2018. Mobile phone adoption rates have generally grown worldwide.

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With all of this potential reach at your fingertips, you and your sales team can improve your connection rates. Have you got a list of prospects that includes their cell phone numbers? Have they opted in to give you permission to text them? Great! That’s one of the biggest hurdles you have to face. 

10 Use Cases for SMS Text Messaging In Your Sales Process

#1. Check availability for a call or meeting

Have you talked to a prospect on the phone and things were looking great, but you just haven’t been able to get back in touch to schedule a follow-up meeting? Before you throw in the towel, try a text message (if the person has given consent to receive texts).

One note on texting new prospects; Marketing Profs reports that texting leads before you talk to them reduces your conversion rate. So, pick up the phone and make contact before texting.

#2. Confirming an upcoming call or meeting

If you’ve scored a meeting or demo with a lead, congratulations! Ensure the person isn’t a no-show by sending a brief text message to confirm the meeting.

#3. Follow-up after demo

Did you just complete a demo call? Try using a text message as a way to check in afterward with your leads. Keep this information from Marketing Profs in mind: when you text prospects after speaking with them, that can lead to a 112.6% increase in conversions.

#4. Sending useful content and resource material

As part of your sales cadence and lead nurturing process, consider sending relevant content to your leads via text message. Include a link with a brief message, and you’re done.

With that said, make sure that whatever content you send is optimized for mobile viewing. Nobody wants to receive a text message link to something they can’t actually read or easily view on their smartphone.

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#5. Answering a quick question

When communicating with prospects, you’ll receive questions that you can quickly answer via text message. If the prospect has left you a voicemail or sent you an email about a question he or she has, try sending a quick answer via text.

If the question requires an in-depth answer, don’t send the answer via text. Instead, send a quick acknowledgment that you received the question, and you’ll be following up via email or phone with the details.

#6. Polling prospects to learn more about their pain points

Want to learn more about your prospects and their pain points? Try using a quick poll via text message. A one-question poll or survey via sms text message can help you gain insights quickly and easily.

#7. Re-engaging cold leads

Did a promising lead suddenly ghost you? Try re-engaging the person with a friendly text. 

#8. Initiating conversations with existing customers about new products or upgraded features

Has your company launched a new product or services or added premium features? These scenarios present perfect opportunities to initiate new sales conversations with existing customers via text. Just remember: you are only trying to initiate a conversation through SMS. Make your message too wordy, and you may turn off the decision-maker.

#9. Prompting re-orders, repeat purchases, and renewals

What would a list about business texting use cases be without a mention of reminders to re-order or renew? Of course, be wise in your usage in this context. If you sell enterprise software that costs thousands of dollars, a renewal warrants more than a text message.

#10. Share discounts and promotions

Need to give a lead a little extra encouragement to buy? Send a text message with a discount code or link to a promotion. This type of text works for new leads as well as repeat customers.

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Sending texts can help you add a personal touch when selling to prospects and customers. However, you need to ensure your texts help you engage with your audience. You need to understand their needs and pain points before you ever send a text.

Want to pick up a few more ideas for using text messaging? Read this to incorporate sms into your sales process.

Personalize your SMS messages and make them relevant to your audience for maximum results.

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