6 Tips for Managing Virtual Sales Teams for Outbound Selling

managing virtual sales teams


Managing virtual sales teams is becoming a common theme in the workplace.  As times change, so does the average worker.  Many companies are turning to managing virtual sales teams in order to save money on office space and create a flexible working atmosphere.  This trend will most likely continue to increase with the development of new technologies.  Are you ready to manage your virtual sales teams?  Here are some tips for managing virtual sales teams.

  1. Define Expectations – It’s extremely important to define expectations.  Review your company’s policy on virtual agents and make sure your reps fully understand what’s expected of them.  This will help to alleviate any misconceptions.
  2. Set & Review Goals – Make sure your teams know what goals need to be met and by when.  If they have a clear goal in mind, then it makes it easier to obtain that goal.  Make sure to review the goals and timelines with them regularly to keep everyone on track.
  3. Assign a Mentor – Identify someone that can be a mentor to your virtual sales agents.  Your agents will have questions, and it’s important that they have someone they can turn to in order to get the answers they need.  A mentor program gives the agents the opportunity to reach out to someone else when the supervisor isn’t available.
  4. Be Available – Virtual agents are not in the office; therefore, it’s important for them to have resources available to them when questions arise.  If virtual sales reps are not able to get their questions answered, then they won’t be successful and neither will your company.  This is where a mentor program can really pay off if your office hours are outside of the hours of some of your agents’ shifts.
  5. Take Time to Train – Training is essential to ensuring your sales reps – virtual and in-house – are successful.  Make sure to have a training program set up to teach them the things they need to know in order to do their job – product knowledge, software training, etc.  If your virtual agents are on the phone with potential customers, it’s important to have a tool that allows you to jump on calls with them easily to monitor their progress and join the call when necessary.  VanillaSoft’s Monitor and Eavesdrop feature is a great tool to use during training for outbound sales reps.
  6. Respect the Time Zone – Make sure your agents are able to make calls according to the prospects’ time zones. VanillaSoft’s Calling Periods allows you to set time zones for your agents and routes the calls based on each prospect’s time zone. This will save you time and prevent calls from occurring at too early or too late an hour.

VanillaSoft’s outbound call center software is an important tool for sales managers who need to manage virtual agents. We understand the importance of making sure your virtual agents have what they need in order to succeed.  VanillaSoft’s outbound call center software is designed to help your sales reps increase call productivity and efficiency.  Sign up for a free trial today!