Auto-Dialing Can Make Your Inside Sales Dreams Come True

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A fast and easy calling system that integrates seamlessly with your CRM is what inside sales teams’ dreams are made of. Auto-dialing is the key in turning your dreams into a reality.

It’s no secret that inside sales is all about communication, by phone, email, social media – whatever your preferred platform, the goal is to communicate with more prospects so you can close more sales. When you can have more conversations, and not just random dialing, there’s an uptick in qualified opportunities. Take the guesswork out of prospecting to give reps the insight they need to find the best prospects with auto-dialing.

What’s more impressive than one auto-dialing option? How about three! Predictive, Preview and Progressive auto-dialing are three main types of software currently available for agents in today’s market.

Predictive Dialing: Multiple Lines Dialed at Once

Predictive dialing works best for larger call centers that obtain a high level of call productivity. If you can obtain enough reps dialing leads at the same time, you can take advantage of the algorithms used to predict and adjust the number of reps available to prospect answers. However, this option is usually more expensive, leads to dropped calls and ultimately burns through leads.

Preview Dialing: Click-to-call for Personal Approach

Preview dialing allows you to control when a call is made and review important information first. This option is used for more complex, in-depth calls when prior leads have already been contacted. The biggest pro of this option is a rep can review the record of the lead to enhance the sales call, research prior to the dial and more. This option also allows you to handle callbacks, which when routed, will not auto dial until the rep has reviewed other notes and clicks to dial.

Progressive Dialing: Automatically Dial the Next Contact in the Queue

Progressive dialing is known to deliver big results because it streamlines the calling process by automatically dialing the next lead in the queue the moment you finish another call – giving you the most speed combined with the professionalism of preview dialing. The biggest appeal of this option is time saving: when powered by queue-based, next-best call logic this predetermined criteria automatically routes to the sales rep, ensuring priority leads are handled accordingly.

Trying to choose which auto-dialing software fits for your inside sales team depends on the organization’s needs and the rep’s protocol to handling leads such as who they are calling, how often and how much they know about a specific prospect. Take this into consideration: if you call a lead within five minutes of requested information, they are 10 times more likely to answers and four times more likely to qualify.

Regardless of what auto-dialing option you choose, VanillaSoft wants to help you identify new incoming leads and place them at the forefront of a sales reps’ queue. See what auto-dialing is all about and find out how you can accelerate your sales with our trials at