Call Scripts Should Help Explain “Why” not “What”

Have you taken time to review the effectiveness of your call script and other sales messaging?  If you or your agents are not closing as many sales as you would like with your outbound calling efforts, it’s time to review what your script is saying to the potential customer.  Are you explaining what your product or service is? If so, it’s time to try a new approach – explain why customers should buy from you.

Geoffrey James has a great article this week on the topic of Why vs. What in sales messaging (see:  VanillaSoft has features to help you facilitate delivery of messages – email marketing software, email drip, intelligent call scripting software – but this technology only facilitates the efficiency of the effort and the uniformity of the message among all of your agents.  It’s up to you to create the most effective messaging to make these features really shine.

Here are some tips that can help you create messaging to close more sales and book more appointments.  We’ve used our own product to illustrate.

“About Us” Messages

If you are creating your call script with a section to address who you are and what you do/what your company does, review your “what” statements and convert them to “why” to buy statements:

What – the definition of the company/productWhy – the reason customers should buy from company
We have the best lead management software.We have been awarded “2012 Product of the Year” in the lead management category by TMC.

Features vs. Customer Needs

You may have heard the classic example about “when customers buy quarter inch drills what they really want are quarter inch holes.” (see Marketing Myopia, Theodore Levitt)  Although this point was made in 1960, it still rings true today.  Make your product or service messaging oriented toward buyer needs.

What – the definition of the featureWhy – the reason customers needs this feature
The VanillaSoft Auto Dialing feature software improves call center efficiency.The VanillaSoft Auto Dialing feature offers preview and progressive dialing, creating call continuity and increasing call activity by 35% to 100%.

If you need help crafting your call script, I recommend checking out Mike Brooks’ “The Complete Book of Phone Scripts.”   The next step?  Start your VanillaSoft free trial and put those improved scripts to work for your business!