Celebrating the Greatest Sales Enablement Tool – the Telephone

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You may recall David’s blog last year on the anniversary of the patent of the telephone. It’s March 7, so it’s time to celebrate this great sales enablement tool again. This year we’ve assembled a list of links – tips for cold calling, history of the telephone, and other fun facts! Enjoy — while you’re at it, why not give us a call to discuss how VanillaSoft can improve your sales by phone productivity? Or, just start your free trial today.

Scott Amerson VanillaSoft

Scott Amerson

As Vice President of Sales, Scott is responsible for leading our global sales team. He is a results-driven professional who brings more than 25 years of sales and executive-management experience to VanillaSoft. He is a proven veteran at building scalable infrastructure for inside sales and call center teams by defining key performance indicators, sales process, and training programs. In his previous role as Director of Sales at BenefitMall, Scott built and launched their inside sales team. In this position, he created and delivered policies and procedures, strategic planning, and technology integration leading to a 42% decrease in their sales cycle, and 30% increase in revenue per sale. Scott has also held prestigious positions at multi-million-dollar companies, including Capital One, where he overhauled the entire sales and training processes to drive goal-surpassing revenue from $300 million to $900 million. Scott holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing from Nicholls State University.

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