Requalify Aged Leads

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“One area many sales reps struggle in is how to requalify existing accounts or prospects they haven’t spoken with in a while.”


requalify aged leads
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As you may have read in our white paper, Mastering the Lead Management Process for Inside Sales, you can quickly turn aged leads into hot leads with the right sales or marketing campaign or by contacting these prospects at the right time. Mr. Inside Sales, Mike Brooks, has some great tips for your aged leads sales script in his recent blog post on How to Requalify Existing Prospects.

We won’t go into all his examples here — read his post for the details — but let’s cover some fo the basics behind his examples:

  • You need to requalify the person. Following up with aged leads is about more than just saying hi and asking if there is anything the account needs.
  • Confirm the contact’s responsibilities haven’t changed.
  • Find out if the same group of decision makers is still in place or if there are other people you need to speak with or consider.
  • Remember there is always more you can learn.

Have you considered all the changes that could have occurred since you last spoke with a contact for one of your aged leads? There is always new information you can learn — like whether or not that person even still works there to merely confirming contact details and workflow. It’s a way to open up the conversation again.

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