Overcome the “I’m Not Interested” Objection

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Wendy Weiss says, “Whenever I conduct a workshop or webinar training, invariably someone asks the question: “What should I say when the prospect says, ‘I’m not interested?’”

My response invariably is: ‘It’s probably too late.'”

Source: www.coldcallingresults.com

Are you taking all the necessary steps to prevent the “I’m not interested objection?” As the Queen of Cold Calling, Wendy Weiss, points out, there are ways to avoid hearing these dreaded words.

Call the right person. Do your homework. Is the contact you have on file the correct contact to influence or make a decision? If not, try to find the right person to call in the first place. If this contact is your only way into an account, then come at them from the angle of asking for help finding the right person. A sales pitch will be wasted on this contact.

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Say the right things and say them well. If your introduction is weak, so are your chances of gaining prospect’s interest. Every word you utter in the call opening should pique the contact’s interest and speak to his or her pain points, not your list of features. How do you ensure you’ve got the right words and best delivery?

  • Create a call script for yourself and your team.
  • Use a solution that offers logical branch scripting to help you/your reps easily overcome any objections that may occur.
  • Practice your script, but don’t memorize it word for word. You want to sound natural, authentic, and engaging.
  • Take time to understand your prospects to help you better empathize and understand their issues.

Check out Wendy’s full post to gain additional insights into overcoming the “I’m not interested” objection, and be sure to check out her Sales Winner’s Handbook.