Prepare Your Telefundraising Volunteers for Success

Outbound calling campaigns are tough even for professional inside sales reps, so imagine the stress that a volunteer may face when asked to perform fundraising by phone?  It’s important that you provide the tools and training that keeps your volunteers confident, passionate, and productive.  Remember our outbound call campaign infographic?  We’ll be using that as our guide here. 


There are three key components in the planning process:

  • Definition of goals
  • Identification of targets
  • Preparation and volunteer training

As a fundraising professional, you know best how to form the goals and select the right targets.  We won’t jump into the how-to’s of those tasks here.  However, as part of your preparation, you should document these goals and targets for your volunteer fundraisers.  Just throwing them a list of names to call may not be enough to help them connect with the purpose of the calls they are about to make.

In addition to educating your volunteers on your organization and your campaign-specific goals, give them a script to help them make effective calls that stay on point.  Not only will it ensure a consistent message, it will make them more confident about what to say and how to represent the organization.  Using a solution like VanillaSoft with logical branch scripting can make it incredibly easy for your volunteers to follow the script, record the details, and work from the comfort of their own home office.


During the execution phase of your telefundraising campaign, it’s important to help your volunteers to stay productive and positive.  You can rely on outbound call campaign software that employs:

  • Auto Dialin Software with Message Drop to make calls more productive.  Progressive and preview auto dialing ensures your volunteers and donors experience a seamless call experience.  For those calls going to voice mail, you can add a tool like VanillaSoft’s VOIP Line feature, Message Drop, which is technology that allows your volunteer agent to move on to the next call while the system drops a pre-recorded voice mail message with your donor.
  • Listening and Call Recording tools for training and quality assurance.  A solution like VanillaSoft can help you “hand hold” your new volunteers.  As the fundraising coordinator, you or your senior volunteers can listen in on new volunteers’ first calls.  This lets you instantly provide help and feedback to those who may not feel as confident with telefundraising activities.  And, call recording gives you an additional record of interactions that take place between volunteers and donors.
  • Email Marketing Software and Social Selling Tools for warming up cold calls.  Solutions that give you additional tools to warm up leads will make the “ask” that much easier for volunteers.  Email drip and marketing keeps your past donors in the loop, and integration with platforms like LinkedIn lets your volunteer get to know a little bit more about the donor before he or she picks up the phone to make the call.


Another way to ensure your calling campaign’s success is the ability to measure progress at any point in the campaign’s life cycle.  Select a campaign tool that provides:

  •  A  Real-Time Dashboard view of activity.  This allows you to see at any instant, in real time, where your team stands with their calls and success rate.
  • Customized telemarketing reporting to share with the team.  It’s important to provide feedback to your team so that they know how their hard work is paying off or to reignite their motivation if results are lagging.

Make sure you have a way to touch base with your volunteers at every step in the process.  Educate in the planning phase.  Support them in the execution.  Inform them of the results through reporting.

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