Recruiting Telefundraising Volunteers

Have you ever needed to recruit volunteers to help out with your telefundraising projecttelefundraising?  If the answer is yes, then you know how difficult it can be to find the right volunteers, prepare them, and keep them coming back.  In some cases, you also have to think about the community and the key institutions that makeup that community (schools, churches, neighborhoods, community centers, etc.).  Gaining insight into this information may be critical to being able to target the right audience to solicit volunteer support.

It may be helpful to think of the volunteers as consumers.  Think of ways to motivate them to volunteer just like you would motivate them to buy your product.  Identify the positive aspects that your organization has to offer that may be used to draw people into wanting to volunteer for your cause.  Here are some ways that may help you to draw in potential volunteers:

  • Social Media – Post to various social media outlets that you’re looking for volunteers and make it appealing to the audience.
  • Guest Blog – Write some guest blogs for various news sites.
  • PSA – See if local radio stations will let you broadcast a Public Service Announcement.
  • Involve Current Volunteers – Ask your current/past volunteers to reach out to their friends about becoming a volunteer.
  • Local Organizations – Contact local organizations to see if they have anyone that may be interested in volunteering (churches, community centers, volunteer agencies, clubs, honor societies, scout troops, etc…).
  • Flyers – Ask businesses if they will allow you to post a flyer in their establishment.

If you’re doing a telefundraising volunteer project, then you may be thinking, “I know how to get volunteers…Now what?”  The answer is VanillaSoft’s telefundraising software!  VanillaSoft is the perfect tool for a telefundraising project or organization.  There are many features that will help take the pressure off of your volunteers and provide them with what they need to be successful.  VanillaSoft understands the importance of making sure the volunteer process is simple and easy for your volunteers to ensure you have returning volunteers.  Here are some of the features that will help make volunteering with your organization is a pleasant one.

  • Preview Dialing – Preview Dialing allows your volunteers to preview the contact information prior to initiating the call.  The call can then be easily initiated by clicking the number.  This can help to ease some of the anxieties that volunteers may experience with blind calling.
  • Calling Period – The Calling Period feature will route calls to your volunteers based on certain criteria entered into the system based on appropriate times to call donors.  They won’t have to think about different time zones, lunch hours, or inappropriate hours when making calls.  Your volunteers are donating their time so help make it a pleasant experience for them.
  • Logical Branch Scripting – The Logical Branch Scripting will equip your volunteers with the knowledge they need to help your telefundraising project be a success.  It can be difficult and stressful for a volunteer to call complete strangers and not really know what to say.  This feature will provide them with the tools they need to be prepared and speak intelligently about your fundraising project.

These are just a few of the features that VanillaSoft has to offer.  There are multiple other features that will help you to have a successful telefundraising project/organization.  It can be difficult to find volunteers and keep them coming back.  If you provide them with the tools that will make it an easy and pleasant experience, then they will most likely be a repeat volunteer.  Let VanillaSoft help you to create an enjoyable experience for your telefundraising volunteers to keep them coming back!