The Scoop on Effective Inside Sales Scripts

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While it’s clear that successful sales calls are the goal of all inside sales teams, believe it or not many do not have a dynamic script to handle different call scenarios. Dynamic scripts branch out to effectively handle different call interactions to increase the possibility of a sale. They allow sales reps to have the right tools at their fingertips for different situations.

So, why do companies let their sales reps wing it by making up their own sales pitch on-the-fly? In many cases this is because of a lack of knowledge about the effectiveness of a good sales script, or an inside sales process that doesn’t have the capability to distribute consistent messaging to the team through logical branch scripting. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is crucial when selling by phone. You only have about seven to ten seconds to grab the prospect’s attention to continue the call.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Scripts are important because without one you risk turning off prospects by sounding unprofessional. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time to answer questions, overcome objections, and close the deal, instead of stumbling over words in search of the right thing to say, or using the wrong messaging. In addition, sales reps that practice the script ahead of time make their speech intonation and flow more natural and professional. Quality scripts help eliminate the awkwardness of making cold calls so sales reps can concentrate on what they do best ̶ selling.

The Power of Scripts

If you want proof of the power of scripts, look at politicians, newscasters, and motivational speakers. Yes, most sound natural and compelling, but only with a little help from the scriptwriter and teleprompter. A well-written script can transform the average sales rep into a sales guru in seconds. It alleviates embarrassing lapses in clarity of what to say next.

Make Your Script Sound Real

Make your sales script sound real like you speak. After all, you don’t want to sound like a pesky salesperson! You want to sound like a trusted advisor ̶ someone giving important information to help improve the prospect’s business. Don’t make them feel like prey. Just like dating, if you wreak of desperation, prospects will recognize, and avoid you like the plague. Put them at ease in the first ten seconds by using subtle persuasion. They will feel less guarded and more likely to continue the call and close the deal.

While grammar is imperative in the written language, it is completely different when speaking. We speak in short phrases, pauses and fragments, and use words like “oh,” “well,” and “ahh,“ as well as every day slang words like “cool” and “right.” Incorporate words like this, as well as jargon particular to that industry. I’m not saying to get rid of grammar when speaking. You want to sound professional. Just modify some areas in your sales script to flow like natural conversations. Speak the language of the prospect. You will be considered authentic and an expert if you know the lingo.

Sounding like a salesperson: “Hi, this Steve from Laser. How are you today? We have a new product that increases sales for architecture firms. Is this something you think you may be interested in?”

Real talk: “Hi Mary. Hey, I ran across your company as one of the Top 20 Jet Setters in Architecture. That’s really cool! My company, Laser, just worked with Company Y to boost sales in that area. Would you like me to check into this for your company? By the way, I’m Steve.”

Once a script is written, the sales rep should practice, practice, practice. The best way to sound natural is to read the script aloud several times and practice with coworkers, so that when it comes time to use the script with a prospect, it doesn’t sound like reading, it sounds like two people having a conversation and exchanging information. Speak to prospects like you speak to your colleagues. Tell them about this great opportunity that they can’t pass up, and engage them in the details.

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