The Phonathon is Not Dead – But the Old Methods Are

Are you looking for ways to make your phonathon more effective with a greater ROI?  Some have proclaimed that the phonathon is dead; it’s really the old approach to conducting a phonathon that has met its end.  Consider these tips to make your next phonathon a more efficient and effective source of fundraising for your institution.

Stop calling everyone

The good old shotgun approach, or “spray and pray” tactic, is dead.  It’s critical that you ensure your spend and resources are focused on high value donor targets.  Mine and analyze data to refine your call list.  Look for these affinity factors from your alumni or past donors/volunteers:

  • Those who have attended events
  • People who have shared their job titles and other contact information
  • Individuals with other family members who are students or volunteers at your organization
  • Those who have responded to surveys

By evaluating these factors, you can begin building donor personas to help you identify those who are most likely to give. You can then prioritize your calling efforts based on these affinity factors and personas.

Stay top of mind beyond the phonathon

Use tools to keep your donors engaged beyond the phonathon campaign. Email drip and email marketing to your past and potential donors keep them engaged all year long. Help them understand how their gifts are being used, and convey new opportunities for their future gifts to better the institution or further the work of your organization.

Select the right solution

With the right phonathon software, your callers will reach more people more efficiently and effectively.  Implement VanillaSoft with these rich features:

  • Auto Dialing Software to increase donor contact rates by as much as 35– 100% over manual dialing.
  • Next-Best Donor Logic to utilize the institution’s knowledge and historical donor data to prioritize calls based on affinity factors discussed above.
  • Call Scripting to help your phonathon volunteers stay on message and help them make the “ask.”
  • Email Marketing Software (for email drip and mass emailing) that ties phone and email records together for a full contact history with the target donor.
  • A Performance Dashboard that gives you real-time access to campaign performance and caller stats.
  • Intelligent Call Recording that marries the recorded call to the contact record.
  • Ease of Administration: manage campaigns instead of wasting time learning difficult-to-manage software.
  • A Cloud-based application that keeps your data secure and requires no downloads or upgrades to maintain.
  • One-click switching between projects for working on multiple campaigns at same time.
  • A contact audit trail so you can see the history of email and phone contacts with each donor target by each volunteer caller.
  • Ability to add, delete and transfer records on the fly.
  • CRM querying that allows you to target in on prospects based on the record’s other information fields.
  • Simple and easy onboarding and orientation to get your volunteers up and running almost immediately.

Start your VanillaSoft free trial today to discover how you can improve your tele-fundraising efforts with our phonathon software.