Why Using (SMS) Text Messaging Leverages Inside Sales Efforts

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The sales process is one in which building a relationship with prospects is extremely important. And, moreover, staying up-to-date on the best ways to communicate with leads will show your expertise in the industry.

But with a limited character count, emoji’s and informal jargon when it comes to (SMS) text messaging, sales teams can easily come across as unprofessional and, ultimately, lose the chance to close a sale.

Fear not though, salespeople who have a good judgement can leverage (SMS) text messaging successfully with these easy steps.

When you define inside sales on its most basic level, the industry is in the business of engagement, trust, and quick responses. And since the average person looks at their mobile device 150 times per day, (SMS) text messaging needs to be a communication channel between agents and leads.

Identifying the Right Channel

The major step in using (SMS) text messaging is targeting the right audience. For instance, if your prospect demographic is more responsive with texting than email or instant messaging, your sales teams should use their preferred method of communication. The last thing you want to happen is send out a message through a social channel that the prospect doesn’t know how to retrieve.

Good Judgment

The relationship you have with the lead needs to be on solid ground – they need to know who you are, what you are trying to assist them in obtaining, and, how your product and service can improve their business. Gain their trust, respect, and commitment before you begin to initiate (SMS) text messaging into your communication process.

Confidence is Key

As an expert within inside sales, you should be able to explain to your prospects why you are using SMS and, ultimately, why text messaging can help leverage their business as well. Texting is one of the fastest ways to receive a reply, increase connectivity, confirm appointments and break ground on building a solid rapport. Texting is the best way to maximize your high-profile outreach efforts and optimize personalization. It’s essential to check your grammar, tone, and deliverance of messaging to maintain a professional demeanor.

Time is Money

The best way to contact a prospect is through a non-traditional sales communication. One-to-one messaging is best used for time-sensitive information. Each text needs to have purpose. A prospect needs to know how to use SMS properly and responsibly. As a result, the more texts can equate to greater engagement, and thus a higher rate of conversion is the result. Some of the best ways to use (SMS) text messaging include appointment reminders and confirmation, upcoming renewal alerts and payment verification.

(SMS) Text Messaging is Revolutionary

If you need hard facts to show the benefits of texting to leverage your inside sales efforts then consider this:  Per a 2012 Forrester study, more than two trillion SMS messages were sent in the US in 2011, which equates to more than six billion SMS messages sent per day. Text messaging users send or receive an average of 35 messages daily. Furthermore, U.S. adults are more than twice as likely to adopt SMS over any other form of communication, including email and instant messaging.

When you have the right CRM solution in place, more options for communication channels — such as (SMS) text messaging — become available, which allows you to focus on the optimization of lead conversion. More leads connect to successful sales and a better reputation within the inside sales industry. Reach out to set up a trial with VanillaSoft today, and read our latest white paper on how to effectively implement a new strategy to make 2017 a record-breaking year.