Why VanillaSoft is Head of the Class for Phonathon & Tele-fundraising

As the 2013-2014 school year draws near, we have been getting a lot of questions and inquiries about phonathon and telefundraising software.  VanillaSoft is the perfect solution for your fundraising efforts.  We encourage you to take a test with our VanillaSoft free trial to see exactly why we are head of the class!

Here are some class notes in case you want to study up first!

  • Auto Dialing SoftwareProgressive dialing can increase your contact rates by as much as 20 to 40% versus manual dialing.
  • Next-best call logic. When progressive dialing is coupled with “next-best call logic,” you can increase your call results by even more than the stats above. Next-best call logic ensures you are reaching out to the highest value donors first.
  • Logical branch scripting.  Scripting is vital to ensure that the mission, vision and “ask” are clearly available to your tele-fundraising callers. Phonathon volunteers or students will have a higher likelihood of success when scripting is provided.  When your callers experience success, they will gain confidence and be better at making the next ask – and more likely to join you again for future campaigns!
  • Email Marketing Software. Integrated e-mail ensures that your fundraising team is aligned – everyone is using the same messaging, the same template design, and every donor communication is recorded and reflected within the call history.
  • Intelligent call recordingIntelligent call recording links a recording of every call to the contact record.  This gives you, the fundraising coordinator, the ability to perform quality control checks and monitor for training opportunities with your tele-fundraising volunteers.
  • Performance dashboard.  A performance dashboard within VanillaSoft provides you real-time access into how your phonathon or tele-fundraising campaign is performing versus goals.  Rank your best fundraiser, best donor, and best messaging to help improve campaign success.

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After all this prep work, I know you are ready to take that VanillaSoft test and pass with flying colors!  Start your free trial today.

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