King’s College London

How VanillaSoft Ensured Student Callers Are Always Connecting with the Best Available Prospects

King’s College London maximized call campaign success with enhanced reporting, dynamic data, prioritization, and an intuitive UI for callers.

Fender Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency Sees 500% Sales Increase with VanillaSoft

Learn how Fender Insurance Agency realized a 500% increase in sales per month agency-wide, which led to three new hires to maintain the agency’s success.

Superhuman Prospecting

How a Remote Lead Generation Service 6Xed Account Growth with VanillaSoft

Learn how Superhuman Prospecting increased account growth 6X with VanillaSoft and how Vanillasoft’s reporting has made it much easier for remote management.


SalesRoads Sees Efficiency, Productivity, and Sales Gains with VanillaSoft

As a long-time VanillaSoft customer, SalesRoads has always been a fan of the platform. The introduction of VanillaSoft Intellective Routing took their efforts to the next level.

One of a Kind Sales

200% Increase in Sales Activity Drives Best-in-Class Client Experience

One of a Kind Sales leverages VanillaSoft to increase all types of sales activity, improve automation of routine sales steps, and streamline communications.

Colt Powertrain

Improved Efficiency in Sales Process

Colt Powertrain was looking for a solution to help streamline their sales process and simply their work-flow.

The SALT Group

Increased Productivity by 100%

The SALT Group was looking for a solution to increase productivity and help reduce personnel turnover.

Millikin University

Saved Thousands in Production Costs

The university was looking for a way to cut costs and increase production for its fundraising efforts.

Drs. Orders & More

Increasing Sales with Queue-based Routing

Production was at a standstill at Drs. Orders & More, because managers had little control over the flow of leads and routing them to teams with its list-based system.

Nationwide Telemarketing

Increased Growth by 70%

The company was struggling to compete with larger companies. It didn’t have the ability to track and monitor calls, or manage day-to-day operations.