Increase Productivity Through Workflow Automation with Scott Amerson

With quota’s to hit and increasing stiff competition, increasing productivity is always on a sales manager’s mind. How do they help their salespeople do more in less time? In this podcast, Barb Giamanco, host of Razor's Edge, and Scott Amerson, VP of Sales at VanillaSoft, discuss:

  • How the complexity of inside sales has evolved.
  • How to measure productivity – call volume vs follow-up persistency.
  • Why automating call cadence should be the cornerstone of any sales technology.
  • Ensuring your best leads are being called on by your best sales reps.
  • Speed to Lead. How fast are you contacting your web leads?

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Why Traditional CRM Fails Inside Sales Organizations

CRM software has passed the stage of being considered innovative and has become a default tool in many inside sales departments. While CRM has proven to be very effective for the collection and analysis of data, it has often become more of a barrier for salespeople to overcome rather than a tool that enhances sales behavior.

Organizations are now deploying tools that do more than store and report on data: they are assisting the salesperson by automating processes that increase productivity, remove barriers to performance, enhance skills, and elevate the sales behaviors that drive more sales.

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How to Increase Sales by Automating the Lead Management Process

This podcast tackles the ever-evasive endgame of automating the sales-lead process. Discover the five to six actions marketing can take to painlessly automate sales lead management.

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Data to Accelerate Sales

Most businesses struggle in two key areas; generate quality leads for sales to engage with, and effectively manage those leads consistently through the sales process. We want to show you a better way to be successful at both.

In this webinar, Sanjit Singh, COO of LeadCrunch, and Daniel Sims, Product Evangelist at VanillaSoft, speak about the advent of artificial intelligence, and automation and its application to sales and marketing.

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Why Sales Lead Management Workflow Can Increase Sales 30%

Workflow isn’t just an industrial term for making a product from start to finish, oh no. Today, when you mention workflow sales and marketing people think sales processes or at least we should. And sales processes always include sales lead management, or at least it should. In this interview with Guy De La Cruz, VP of Sales at VanillaSoft he discusses the workflow process of lead management that drives sales.

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Smart Selling Tools: Sales Stack Seminar Series

See how VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management takes sales to a whole new level: it’s Sales to the Power of the Queue. Through queue-based lead management, inside sales organizations see increased productivity, gain performance visibility, and realize a greater ROI on leads.

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Drastically Increase Productivity Through Workflow Automation

Join Guy De La Cruz, Vice President of Sales, and Craig Rector, Marketing & Communications Specialist for VanillaSoft, and learn how your organization can deploy Inside Sales specific strategies to increase sales. 

Guy and Craig will cover topics such as:

  • streamlining your activity through software automation
  • how to increase salesperson productivity by using technology and proper cadence
  • how to ensure that the sales strategy your company has designed gets consistently and effectively implemented throughout your organization

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Compensate to Motivate

Few things motivate, or demotivate, a salesperson more than how they are paid. Most business owners view compensation one dimensionally: how much should a salesperson earn if they make quota. Compensation can be used to do more than excite a salesperson to make a sale. Properly constructed, a compensation plan can also motivate and excite a salesperson to engage in all the desired behaviors that lead up to the sale — leading to a consistent flow of sales.

In this fun and educational webinar, best-selling author, Lee Salz, and VanillaSoft’s VP of Sales, Guy De La Cruz, will help you create and get the most out of your compensation plan.

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