VanillaSoft’s sales & cadence automation software boosts productivity throughout every step of the sales process. With a full complement of fully customizable cadence automation solutions – including lead scoring & prioritization, email nurturing campaigns, logical branch scripting, activity dashboard, and flexible data management – VanillaSoft will transform your organization into a well-oiled selling machine. It’s just that simple.

VanillaSoft helps organizations in any industry solve the unique challenges they face in their individual markets – and gain full control and visibility over their sales process. From insurance agents looking for a better way to convert & retain customers to a nonprofit that needs to organize their volunteer fundraising efforts, VanillaSoft makes inside sales simple. With VanillaSoft, you will:

  • Make more calls – and more sales
  • Never let a lead go cold due to neglect or decay
  • Gain control of your sales process
  • Always reach the right lead at the right time

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Traditional CRM Is no Longer Enough. Here’s Why.

Sales CRM platforms are a valuable asset, but in today’s technologically advanced business environment, they’re also quite common. Download our free white paper “Why Traditional CRM Is Not Enough” to learn techniques – including progressive dialing and queue-based lead management – that can bring greater efficiency and greater sales to organizations with inside sales teams.

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