PrometheusDI Donor Management Solutions

With 30 years of experience designing campaigns for more than 150 non-profit organizations, PrometheusDI’s donor-centric focus applies sound fundraising principles at several levels:

  1. Campaign Level — to maximize overall program performance
  2. Segment Level — to better understand alumni and potential donors
  3. Caller Level — to optimize caller effectiveness and training requirements

PrometheusDI provides end-to-end fundraising services for your in-house annual giving programs, including management expertise, top-tier online caller training, proven design templates, and deep data analysis for better campaign decisions.

Moves Management Focused Program Design

  • Ensures your Annual Fund Program remains donor-centered
  • Employs major gifts nurturing principles to Annual Fund campaigns
  • Maximizes ROI through Donor Intelligence

Data Segmentation - Five Right Rule

Data Segmentation – Five Right Rule

The essential steps for donor education, cultivation, and solicitation

  1. Right outreach agent
  2. Right prospective donor
  3. Right ask amount
  4. Right reasons to give
  5. Right communications channel

Caller Training

  • CallerMax turns your student callers into fundraisers.
  • Fully online Learning Management System for anywhere, anytime learning
  • Creates callers that leave the prospect feeling good while securing pledges

Donor Intelligence

Stepping beyond basic reporting is the path to maximum fundraising success. PrometheusDI will train your campaign managers to interpret their advanced data reports for greater insights and program adaptation.

Donor Intelligence

Powered by VanillaSoft

A full VanillaSoft integration partner, PrometheusDI has leveraged their Moves Management expertise to develop a peerless fundraising project configuration template.

  • Customized to your unique campaign
  • Dynamic scripts and cadences
  • Intelligent donor routing
  • Multi-channel communications strategy
  • Dynamic and detailed analytics

Donor Fulfillment

PrometheusDI provides a donor-centered pledge collection process — achieving the highest collection rates.

Donor Fulfillment