Better Performance, Better ROI on Leads

Managing the complex sales process is a challenge to any inside sales team – especially when you have to do it manually. Even the most technologically advanced CRM requires salespeople to manually perform tasks like scheduling follow ups, sending emails, and choosing the right lead to call from a list. When these tasks are left to individual salespeople, the organizational sales strategy can fall apart.

VanillaSoft takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing organizations to control the sales process and better execute their sales strategy. VanillaSoft’s inside sales solution offers a robust set of tools that lead to greater ROI on your leads and greater performance from your inside sales team, including:

Get More From Your Inside Sales Solution – and Your Leads

Effectively managing your inside sales team takes time and effort, but VanillaSoft makes it simple. With a variety of efficiency-driving tools, VanillaSoft amplifies productivity by streamlining the sales process throughout your team. VanillaSoft’s inside sales solutions provide reps the ability to:

  • Leave pre-recorded voice mail messages
  • Stay on message with dynamic call scripting
  • Follow up consistently with pre-defined email and SMS messaging
  • Ensure proper data collection, qualifying, and note-taking
  • Instantly track all interactions and outcomes

Product features to simplify your job


9 Key Questions for Developing an Inside Sales Strategy

Success in inside sales requires a solid strategy that combines technique and technology with effective management. Download the “Checklist for an Effective Inside Sales Strategy” to discover the 9 questions that must be answered to develop the right strategy, plus solutions on how to manage lead workflows and nurturing to drive more sales.

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