Outbound Call Center Software

Supercharge Your Outbound Call Center Operations

Imagine a solution where all of your important outbound call center tools are bundled into one platform; a smart solution that focuses on both improving productivity and streamlining operations.

That's VanillaSoft! It offers automated, web-based, turnkey solutions that are user friendly, customizable, and easy to set up and manage for call centers of all sizes.

The success of outbound call center operations is measured by efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness. VanillaSoft excels in these crucial areas. And it only takes 15 minutes to train a new agent! Enjoy these great benefits:

  • Progressive or Preview Dialing increases call productivity between 35%-100%
  • Call-activity Dashboard shows real-time call activity to effectively manage your team
  • Queue-based routing customizes workflows so that users or teams get the right leads at the right time
  • Voice Drop lets sales reps leave the perfect prerecorded voice mail every time
  • Logical branch scripting keeps your team on message by instantly displaying the right thing to say at the right time




Outbound Call Center Software

Streamline Your Inbound Operations

Make a lasting first impression. VanillaSoft's inbound call center software streamlines the process of connecting with customers and routing inbound calls. It helps your sales team build great customer relationships by increasing satisfaction and building connections from the start.

Make your inbound operations more efficient:

  • CTI screen pops let sales reps instantly see who's calling and display available contact details
  • ACD queues seamlessly route incoming calls to the appropriate team, agent or department
  • HUD lets agents see who's available and sends live hot transfers
  • Chat enhances office communications by enabling instant messaging while sales reps are on a call

Experience for yourself how easy it is to put VanillaSoft's call center solutions in motion. Sign up for a free trial today.

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Outbound Call Center Software

Complete Visibility with Reporting and Analysis

Get the inside sales advantage with VanillaSoft's reporting and analysis features. Use our Web Reports Wizard to create the reports you need. VanillaSoft gives you complete visibility into your entire sales process, supplying managers with the tools they need to optimize productivity. Run reports for analysis, and monitor sales reps in real time with the Call-activity Dashboard to directly impact conversations, as they happen. Use reports to develop sales strategies, better understand past results, and to help forecast future profits.

Run a variety of reports in seconds:

  • Sales pipeline reports
  • Call-activity reports
  • Lead source and qualification tracking 
  • Call information and script responses
  • Sales breakdown by lead, sales rep, or team
  • And more!

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Auto Dialing Software

Increase productivity with two types of auto dialing to meet your needs: progressive and preview dialing. Progressive dialing is perfect for high-volume call centers with its queue-based lead management platform, which presents the next-best contact, and then automatically dials the number. Preview dialing lets sales reps control the dial and preview previous information or research before the call to maximize sales.

CTI Screen Pops

CTI screen pops bring customer information front and center. When an inbound call comes in, VanillaSoft searches for data, based on the caller ID number. If a contact is found in the database, a screen pop will appear to indicate that the caller has been identified. With just one click, the salesperson can go into the contact record and view details and previous notes. If the prospect isn’t in the system, the rep can just click a button to add for the next time. Customers are happy because they don't have to recite repetitive information.

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Outbound Call Center Software