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Spend more time connecting with contacts and less time hunting through a lists. With VanillaSoft's contact management software, all of your contacts and data are stored in a central place for access at any time by authorized team members. VanillaSoft enables you to close more deals faster and collaborate more effectively with your team.




Automate Team-based Selling for Improved Efficiency

Organizations with multilevel sales need a solution that allow teams to operate separately while working toward the same goal. VanillaSoft’s contact management software empowers you to create team-specific result codes, scripting, and workflows that automatically move contacts to the next level when it’s time to hand off the lead. This automation gives you improved efficiencies, increased productivity, and a reduction in human error in the lead management process.

VanillaSoft’s contact management software is a robust, multilevel sales solution that ensures no lead falls through the cracks. Contact us today to learn more.

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Contact Management Software



Contact Management Software

Customize a Seamless Lead Management Workflow

VanillaSoft gives you simple but powerful workflow customization tools that automate the management of contacts in the sales cycle. With custom workflows, VanillaSoft eliminates the confusion of how each contact should be handled. All your salesperson has to do is document what happened on a call and select a call result. The system will automatically decide what happens to the lead next, based on management’s workflow rules: send an immediate email, nurture the contact, or put the lead back in queue to be called at the appropriate and best interval of time.

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Email Campaign Software

Consistent communication in the form of email nurturing gives companies the ability to increase prospect and customer engagement for your brand. More than 50% of buyers indicate that consistent and relevant communication is a key influence in choosing a solution provider. VanillaSoft’s email campaign software lets you decide how and when prospects and/or customers receive personalized, automated email messages.

Lead Integration

Part of effective contact management is the process of initializing communication with new contacts and leads as quickly as possible. VanillaSoft makes it easy to capture lead data from your company’s website or third-party lead providers and post that information into your VanillaSoft account within seconds. Once in VanillaSoft, the system can push that lead to the front of the queue for immediate contact.


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Contact Management Software