The Competition is Fierce. VanillaSoft Helps You Win the Sale.

In the modern insurance industry, online requests for quotes are simultaneously sold to multiple agencies. All things being equal, the agent who makes contact with the lead first will win the day. VanillaSoft’s insurance-oriented sales engagement software arms you with the tools needed to personalize your marketing – including the ability to automate outreach via voicemail, email, and SMS/texting – to make sure you contact the prospect at the moment they are ready to purchase.

Get More Productive, Get More Nimble, Get More Sales


Web inquiries are automatically routed to the next available agent within seconds.


No more tedious tasks like writing emails, hand dialing, leaving voice messages, or texting.


Leverage industry best practices to automatically determine when to follow up.


Ensure that your leads never decay or suffer from neglect by using our dynamic calling queue.

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Health Insurance Case Study: Simplifying CRM

When a national health insurance provider wanted to simplify their cumbersome CRM, they turned to VanillaSoft. See how they were able to streamline their entire operation with the most powerful and simple CRM on the market.

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